Motormounts kits for Trampa E-MTB

@juanmik I think @sleekjazz means you not me.

@juanmik oops yes

Hi guys. Who can tell with the sizes shown in the pictures for “SUPERSTAR Hubs” TRAMPA

D2 = 4mm
you design a pulley?
than you would need only the distance from the center to the m4 hole center.

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Yes, this size (D1) is enough. other sizes for reference.

I have around 70 and 72mm in mind for D1 … I can check tonight :wink:
One is Trampa the other is MBS Rock/Five-star if I’m right.

@Riako good that you liked my comment…I forgot to look it up…

@ppzaec from center to center D1 = 70mm for superstar hubs

Radius ? Ok, I remember well, so 72mm should be for MBS ^^

my bad, fixed it.
sure it was radius what i wrote, but 70 in diameter.
I made once a pulley for mbs, diameter was 80, but not my measurements and also didn´t get feedback if it was working…so… better for me don´t tell anything to the mbs hubs :sweat_smile:

I’m a little confused !!! So what is the distance between the centers of SUPERSTAR (five holes) diameter 70 or 72?

for this, I asked for additional distances as l1 and l2 in order to more accurately calculate

From the center of your hub to the center of your hole it’s 35mm. Radius is 35mm and you have 5holes, so 360/5 is your degree they out of each other.
What else you need to know?


Hey dude really AMAZING work!
I wanted to know if you send to israel?
You got a full kit to fit trampa infinity with superstar wheel?
And will it fit dual turnigy 6374 168 kv?
If you could send me a message with the prices and everything:

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what is the biggest motor i can use with your motor mount and gearing with a urban carver, hypa hubs,vertigo urban carver trucks?


One motor can not be longer than 77mm The internal distance between the side plates is typically 156 mm

So… I just got an order conformation on a Trampa, hypa hubs, vertigo trucks, carver. I’m ready to order mounts and gears from you.

Hi - I’ve PM’d you re a trampa setup.

Looking forward to getting this project underway!! :slight_smile:

Could I please order a kit as well?

If I go for Hypa wheels, will I need to upgrade anything if I get Superstar hubs at a later date?

Please let me know where to PP money etc.



Woot woot … thx Tom !-)


Superb stop motion

Hey, could I order one?