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Motor shaft too long problem


So I have a set of dual 6374 that I’m.using from torque boards and they come with a long shaft. I’m trying to make my set up AT but the motor shaft touches the wheel.

My options are to move the gear further out to the end of the shaft and move the motor mount further in to compensate but I feel like that will put too much stress on the motor and bearings so is chopping off the ends of the axles with a Dremel a good idea?


I’ve done it before with both TB 6374s and BKB 6354s, it won’t hurt anything. Obviously it would best not too but I would rather a little chop than prematurely wear it the shaft bearings.


True I will do that soon then.


Don’t forget to wrap the whole motor in tape or some plastic bagging, making sure there are no openings. One little piece of shaving can trash the whole motor.


Don’t overlook @wmj259’s advice; that’s very important