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Motor mounts kits for Trampa ATB and MBS Matrix (old type), Matrix II, ATS



I am looking to buy vertigo 16" trucks. Will your mounts work with these and also need pulley for superstar hubs for 6.5" urban treads.

I like v7 with idlers but no crossbars.

How much for

-v7 with ilders, no crossbars
-60t superstar pulley
-15t motor pulley 8mm shaft
-15mm relevant belts

with shipping to barcelona spain?


-v7 with ilders, no crossbars - 110 Euro
-60t superstar pulley + spacers and bolts + 15t motor pulley 8mm shaft + 15mm relevant belts - 110 Euro (the set is cheaper :slight_smile: ) - price for a double set
-Shipping to barcelona spain - 20 Euro
Total: 240 Euro


check you PM :slight_smile:

Too much time researching. time to buy some shit now :rofl::joy::sunglasses:


So super new to trampa, would the mounts have any issues with trampa pulleys or unik wheel pulleys?

I saw some that said to use theirs else i would have issues with fitment


@ Lumaci
I do not know, I did not test the trampa pulleys or unik wheel pulleys


I don’t know why they shouldn’t fit to aluminium mounts from @Idea. I have V4.0 mounts and 44T Trampa pulleys for 125mm Gummies and 60T pulleys from @idea for 7" wheels. The difference in width is about 1mm so it’s just about adding or removing 1mm washers from the axle when changing wheels.


Yeah thats the thing i would prefer not to add washers or things like that, a spacer is fine but if things are made to work together from the factory that would be ideal.

I had to put 3 shims under a pulley i bought once and it drove me nuts so i ended up replacing the things to the same brand so it all worked well together.


what motor pulley are you using?


15T steel pulley from APS


so €111 for 2 mounts for the mbs ats12 trucks correct?


Yes, but one mount for two motors
The price does not include shipping costs