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Motor came loose from the motor mount


I have problem that the motor screws came loose (with blue loctite)
Someone know what can I do ?


be careful, I had that happen, and it stripped the SK3 holes. I would recommend putting more loctite, don’t use red, cause you will never get that off. Just apply a crap ton to the motor.


I used this: http://www.duratrax.com/accessories/pit/dtxr2010.html
Maybe if I will use original loctite it will be better
which one of the blue series should I use ?


Did you wait for the loctite to cure? You should wait 24 hours before using it.


yes 24 hours but I will buy loctite 242 or 243 and it will be better


Which one is better: 242 or 243 ? or different number ?