More stuff for sale, hubs trucks [DK/EU] Everything sold

Yep 90mm Premium Abec flywheel clones 73A (Only been on the road once)

And no clue I paid 50 euro for them so 30 I think sounds fair but keeping them a little until i know if i can get more sold else i smack them on the trucks and a deck.

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Which deck do you have in stock ? :sunglasses:

None but i was considering to get a cheap Kut-thaka from Loaded :smiley:

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Still got the most majority of the items.

Prices can be discussed

I was not able to sell my 10S2P 30Q w/ BMS for 90 Euros.

Thats also 10S2p, barely anyone uses that for DIY.

I had many email me on it but i aint selling it for the prices they are asking or able to ship it to some of them.

If the pack has not been sold before Friday next week i will have to take it apart and try to reuse the sells, so someone take it of my hands for 200 now.

And before we waste each others time make sure you have a validated paypal adresse when you contact me and its the one i need to ship to else i simply wont ship it or accept the offer.

@mmaner i know you were looking for the prism deck, dont know if you still are but…

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Oh damn, good find. Thanks.

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Any chance the Backfire hub motors are still available?