Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Mongrol A.B.C. Warrior, MBS Comp 95, idea drive 20mm belts, stewii Escape's, 10s lipo, dual 190kv



Deck on me decks…

Received the board today, no warps no damage apart from a little wear on the F4 tail binding condition wise its almost new, im tracking the drive system like a hawk :eagle: it should be here this week :grinning:


Looking foward to see how it turns out!

Love your choice of deck :wink:


Many hex keys and beads of sweat later…


Helmet ordered, i went with the Met Parachute in mat black and red same as this…


Tail docked, not finished as it still need a couple of mm off each side.


Knee shin and elbow arm pads and helmet, crash pants and hillbilly gloves next… got a good deal on the pads less than half price… :slight_smile:


Good and the bad…

So to my dismay the deck is slightly warped :face_with_raised_eyebrow: i will buy a replacement, but ive been stressing the deck and have reduced the warp for now to about 3-4mm from 8mm so i will continue to use this deck until such a time i find/buy a suitable replacement.

Anyway good news my Triple 8 bumsavers have arrived (sorry no pictures :blush: )and ive just ordered my second to last bit of protection…

I’ve also got the fabrication pieces needed for ecs/bat enclosure and will order wrist guards “size out of stock” and motors next… not to sure on what motors yet!!!


Motor decisions…

Think il be going for two of these 6380 170kv in silver @Idea @torqueboards or anyone with build knowledge can you confirm that they will fit? im sure they will but it being my first build i really dont want to order before being 100%.



Looks like they’ll fit with no issues. :+1:


Shiny and chrome… upgrades :smile:

I got a new deck the other one was causing me grief, and adidas Terrex boots (in background) as i intend on getting muddy AF.

Escapes in the bag… mock up positioning.
Tail docking tomorrow as its a bit late now.

So, il be ordering a few more bits in the next couple of days, still undecided on a few things… :thinking:


Great build ! Love the color put here :slight_smile:
This will be fun enough for sure, maybe after times you will want a bit more speed (then S could come).


My 168KV motors arrived today, test fitted…



New bolts and load spreading cone washers…


Make it fit…



Wheel be gone… and magic hex wands…


Jus found some chunky washers that i didnt know i had!!.. I have placed them under the rubber mounts for now may change if the esc box ends up to high!!! but for now they give a bit more damping squishiness and will help keeping the water out of the fixings, going to put some liquid tape around the bottom of each one as well probz.


Almost done, i’ve got my bat case and alarms, bags, silicone caps and 2x 6s Graphene lipos on the way, ive gone for now with the 8000ah low 15-30c ones just so i can see if my escs blow up before i go potty on a four set of high c lipos…


They looks super good for the use ! Much stronger thant tiny other we could see :+1:

Good choice :smiling_imp: already close to doubling the stake !! Hiiiaaaaaaa


Thanks brother, ive added speed cream to my fresh bearings they spin forever now, i eventually managed to get a set of 4 good wheels out of 2 sets of the MBS PRO’s in the end…

Also i can make a spare up out of the leftover hubs for the top of my batt case or backpack so il have a ready to go puncher replacement :slight_smile:

Barring any mishaps :pray: think il be riding soon… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::metal:


So i need some esc settings advice… @Andy87 @Riako @b264 anyone…
Ive powered up both escs ive connected 2 x receivers to one remote, but im yet to run anything, i am watching as many videos as i can to familiarise with the software and setup process.

My setup
2x 6s 8000ah 15/30c
2x Escape esc’s
2x 168kv 2x motors, no sensors.
2x receivers one remote.

I want to set it up with about 50/60% of what it could do, so i get somewhere around the 20mph top speed mark, with that in mind whats the settings that best suit, thanks in advance…

edit… also want to know about setting a failsafe for remote connection failure, and any other advice on pitfalls i maybe unaware of would be super cool… :sunglasses: