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Mislabeled FOCBOX

I am in the process of adding extensions to my motors for running foc. However, the label for the sensor wire connector on the FOCBOX is a different order than the pcb!

FOCBOX: 5V, H3, H2, H1, T, GND
PCB: 5V, T, H3, H2, H1, T, GND

These are brand new FOCBOX so I assume this should not be an issue but would like to make sure.

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I’m interested in this as well. This is what I’ve found so far…

MOTOR SIDE >> JST-ZH 6 pin 1.5mm pitch
VESC SIDE >> JST-PH 6 pin 2.0mm pitch

  • Motor HAL Sensor Cable

Pin 1 (BLACK) = Ground
Pin 2 (BLUE) = Phase C(3)
Pin 3 (YELLOW) = Phase B(2)
Pin 4 (WHITE) = Phase A(1)
Pin 5 (GREEN) = Temp Control
Pin 6 (RED) = + 5.0v =/- 10%

@flywithgriff follow PCB order, stickers are messed up…awesome QA right :laughing:

@EnertionSupport is this legitimately an issue? Are the stickers seriously wrong? I have found another thread where this was an issue on the previous vesc-x. New stickers and still mislabeled? I assume you will have a reassuring reply for this!

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Yup, the issue was already reported and confirmed by Enertion in linked post.

Yes they are @Jinra noticed this on the latest batch of the FOCBOX.

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And yet they don’t care enough to fix the issue… awesome.

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Just to be clear. Follow the order on the PCB and ignore the sticker, correct?

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Im pretty sure that the next batch should have it right, enertion support was notified (should be wrong in the first place).

Yes ignore the sticker…

@JLabs this is the connector on the BKB 190kv 6374. Is the missing wire for the temp?

Red and Black are power with the other 3 being sensors. So yes you are correct about the temp not being included

And the order of sensor wires matter or no?

Hmm im not sure if the VESC auto detects that or not… I would think so… Im gonna half to phone a friend for that.

Ok cool deal. I can just match the order on the manufactured connector on the motor.

Phase wire order doesn’t matter if you’re using a VESC. :wink:

Hes referring to the sensor wires, which im pretty sure dont matter but I cant be totally sure


They don’t matter, you run detection and it figures it out. The order is important for hobby escs

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Hi guys,

Our apologies for this. We did contact our factory regarding this issue, but they still shipped with incorrect stickers. You can read about it here:

If you are still having concerns after reading this, please feel free to contact our 24/7 support team to try to assist you further.

Kind regards,

Awesome! So as long as the 5V and GND are in place and the T is empty all is good.

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