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Mini Rolling Fortress | Modified Bamboo Skateboard | 6x2 wheels | DIY Geared Drive | Dual Flipsky 4.20/6355 | 10S2P Sony VTC6 | DIY 3D Printed Enclosure


Looks like quality parts ! Can’t wait to read your feedback after your test ride :v: :wink: Enjoy & Good WE !


Cool build.
I kinda want to put those risers on the tails of a normal trick skateboard. A micro mini rolling fortress lol


This is a normal skateboard… 8.5" one…


Oh i missed that somehow. I didn’t see the original holes. Assumed it was a smaller mtb deck.
Looks fun. Been wanting to do something similar for a bit.


New gear works fine, could be quieter but it’s acceptable for now…

Only thing is the 20km range is a real bummer… Must plan my routes carefully…


Upgraded to some sexy AF Bergmeister wheels from Haggy… Designed and printed a new adapter for the hubs and used back the rest of the old drive…

Will need more time to evaluate the difference but so far it seems to have less rolling resistance…

The wheels themselves are super nicely made, bearing sits perfectly in, super nice finish and did I mention they come in red???

They are a bit smaller than the AliExpress 6x2 wheels though… About 160mm vs 145mm… This means I might not get enough clearance off the ground for the old drive… Next plan is to redo one for Haggy trucks instead…

Bergmeister pneumatics, ready to ship at a special forum discount

Huuum, I like those plan coming!
Already sit here (again) :yum:

I haven’t tested yet but I so hurry too, nice that you can compare for us as you’re used to small pneumatic.
Red power :fist:


Took it out for a quick joy ride and some photos… Overall I am very happy with the new wheels.

I think I gained a few more km on my range because of the lower rolling resistance too!


I am estimating an increase of about 20% range just by swapping to the Haggy penumies… I attribute this to lower rolling resistance both as a result of the smaller contact patch and better bearings…

Very happy I decided to bite the bullet on these wheels…


Since Last time, I installed the aliexpress wheels and tried to kick push it in the alley and man it does just a couple of meters free rolling and stops. I’d probably order Haggy boards tires for now and maybe the hubs when I get the cash.
You mentioned swapping the bearings was not easy, I’d probably need to find a guy with a lathe.
Thanks for the review.


You need to either hammer out the old bearing or extract it with a bearing extracting tool.

After that you need to check if the bearing seat is too tight. For me it was so tight the new bearing seized up. If so then the best is to lathe it until the bearing can fit nicely.

Also note that the hub does not take skate bearings, the OD is different. So you can’t use any fancy skate bearings.


I haven’t really looked into it but I thought that i would look at the number on the current bearings try to find a higher end replacement. Is that what you did?


Yes it was a 628 sized bearing… But it’s harder to find fancy ones like ceramic skate bearings, inbuilt spacer etc…


Finally got my parts to convert over from TB218 to Haggy trucks instead…

Made a mistake with the bearing seat and ended up having to shim it with some soda can strips…

Lubed up…

That texture is bedliner spray to protect the 3D printed gear cover from scrapes.

Enclosure was also sprayed with the same bedliner…

Swapped to shred lights instead…

Printed a rear bumper/stand to allow it to stand upright… Super useful!

Made some minor mistakes along the way but managed to work around everything… Unfortunately the drive is super duper noisy now… Spent hours debugging it bit by bit… I think it’s the left pinion gear that’s giving me all that trouble… Will need to figure it out another time… need to crash…


What a beauty Ervine !
It looks so dam fkn cool seat on this trucks and wheels :heart_eyes:
Awesome build :v: enjoy it !


Bedliner spray is awesome :sunglasses:


So I figured out what was causing the aweful noise from my drive train… It was the wheel gear, some teeth had imperfections which for some reason resulted in absolutely awful noise…

Being desperate I used a butane torch, heated up these teeth then ran them through the pinion in hope of reshaping the teeth… It worked well enough that the noise is now acceptable!!

Now if it could stop raining…


your photo looks very professional. Isn’t that board waterproof?


Thanks I used to be a full time photographer.

But no the board is not waterproof… Water resistant at best…


ok, well get going then, pneumatics are born for that reason.