"Mini Remote" Thumb Drive

Hey looks good! is there a way to reverse the remote? up is throttle and down is brake? Also can you share the cad file? I wanna make some changes (adding a 18650 cell)

You can’t reverse throttle with a switch like you can with gt2b. You however might be able to modify the hardware to make this happen

Yea thats why i wanna get the cad assembly file :slight_smile:

Great project! Thumbs up man, great job. This is exactly what I am looking for.

I would make some changesfor example I would like to have a small prismatic lithium battery instead of AA batteries.

About the inverted acceleration we can just rewire the potentiometer and the problem should be solved. Did you try this? Just inverting the + and - on the potentiometer should solve this issue.

Would you by any change share the original CAD files? It would be great! And again nice job man.


Yep I realized the potentiometer wire trick later but in the end kept this “inverted” function since actually I learned to prefer it.

I’m currently working on a smaller variant using a lipo battery but I’ve been busy doing other things so it’s not even close to ready yet. The current form factor is holding back the design quite a bit.

I can share the step files and will do later once I have the access and the time. I’d love the idea that other people would help optimize this design and get more options for everyone!

this remote looks great! simple yet effective. cant wait to see the extra versions people are working on.

Im wondering can the unused steering channel can be used as an aux channel with a momentary switch?

I have a simple arduino code that when you turn that wheel left it turns a ledstrip on or off, if ou turn right you toggle between always on, 50% brightness and blinking. I haven’t put it on my board yet because I need to find sturdy led lights first.

thats pretty cool! good to know the channel works as normal, I dont know much about potentiometers but if i can replace that with a switch it’ll be just fine

Pots are quite easy. They all have a range between 0 and lets say 2000. So neutral position for the wheel is ~1000. In your arduino code you could make it so that when the value goes below 500 by turning left it triggers an action just like a button would do. Same goes for turning right and the value gettjng bigger than 1500. The deadspot in the middle would be ideal because of incidentally touching the wheel.

Problem is Arduino a don’t measure resistance, they work on voltage. So you would need to program in less than 2v does this and more than 4v does this etc.

Or that’s at least how I remember it working

I printed the value in the serial monitor and I got values between 0 and 2000

The CAD files are now on Thingiverse in step format (only the printable parts).
@Marksmoura @SanderG

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Thanks man! Do you maybe have the file for the potentiometer assembly? I wanna re design it a bit and would help to have that part lol :stuck_out_tongue: If possible would help me allot!

Thought I might add my little mini remote dirty hack here.

When I got mine, I didn’t have any AA’s and didn’t like the idea of it not being rechargable anyways. So on a whim I cut out the battery sled and litterally soldered in a 18350 cell I had laying around, then I added a micro USB charge board a found in a pile of old crap and it worked. The controller seems to have no issue running at 4.2v and I’m assuming it would run down to the batteries cut off, though I’ve never let it go that far.

So yeah, for those that just want it easy to charge and last for freaking ever, it’s not pretty, but it’ll all hidden and it works!!

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I want to convert my mini remote to this one but don’t have access to a 3d printer. Can anyone help me print a copy. I will pay. Ty

Printing one this week. If I am successful, I can print you one.

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Thank you for the offer. I ended up buying a cheap 3d printer and was able to print one. But I ended up not using it becasue it was too thick.