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Metr Pro - Next Gen Bluetooth Module



It’s there already. 3.39 and 3.40 are supported. Is threre something not working for you?


But the update in millisec wont change i put it to 2000 but still it updates this fast


It’s perimetr app that’s giving me the msg below


What app version are you using? You can see the version number after going to settings and then scroll down to the bottom.
I think you are using an outdated app version. You should update the app to the newest version.


1.4.2…is it old?..there’s no update for this app on android store. Last App update: April/28/2018


Are you using the separate perimetr app?
The new metr app has integrated the perimetr app so you no longer have to download it separately.
Just go to modes in the metr app, upper right corner to enter it.


Can this possibly transmit the separate series cell voltages?


It can if you have DieBieMS


DUDE. :exploding_head:


on perimetr you can manage the majority configs of the vesc…on metr modes, you can only change a few.

For example, i was playing with FOC switching frequency…you can only change it by perimetr app.


Again, the perimetr app has been integrated in the metr app.
Just go to modes tap, hit the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select perimetr.


oh my…:open_mouth:…i am so stupid…thanks @taz


@rpasichnyk Back when you first released this app, I was competing with my own app. I quickly brought some updates, and I noticed it kept you on your toes to keep innovating also. I slowed down in development, but you have pushed 5 light years ahead.

I was upset at the shit that happened back then, but I can’t let that stop me from using the best tech, so I will be ordering a module soon. My 1 request for you though, is please, PLEASE, add support for 4 vescs instead of just 2. I saw you mentioned it’s possible with this new module, just not implemented. I’ve been seeing a lot more 4wd boards lately, so I know I’m not the only one waiting for this!

Love the diebms integration. Could you post a wiring diagram for this? Is it just the CAN L VESC -> CAN L BMS and CAN H VESC -> CAN H BMS?

Please, 4wd support asap! If you need a beta tester for it, I’m happy to do so.


you can find the wireing in the DieBieMS thread. its all four wires DieBieMS needs power from the vesc.


Ok, I’ll check again. There’s actually 4 threads (3 were group buy threads, and there’s info all over these threads I’m finding), so It’s a bit messy, which I why I’m asking for clarification. The DieBieMS also has 5 pins from the canbus to the 4 on the vesc. I saw this picture:

Do you know what 0R is? This doesn’t seem right either, as CAN H and CAN L are the middle 2 pins on the vesc…

This is why I’m asking because the info I found is confusing at best. I saw you got it up and running. Congrats! I can’t sleep right now because I’m too excited to get it going, haha.


here is a answer from @JTAG


Thank you. That explains how the bms picks up the push to start also! The more you understand the DieBieMS, the more attractive it becomes.


Would you be able to make a wire diagram for 4 VESC’s with a DieBieBMS that’s also using canbus.


I will be putting a lot together a guide soon with everything I find when I get it working myself haha. Right now, I’m stuck on the balance connector lol.

@rpasichnyk how often do you ship out modules? I’m dying to get it going with the diebiems haha


Have a look at Your order has already been shipped out on 14. Nov 2018 and you can see your tracking number when logging in to your PayPal account or check their mail that they send to you about the order being shipped.