Metr Pro - Next Gen Bluetooth Module



Would like to purchase 3 BLE and 1 remote antenna (I assume the antenna is detachable)…Paypal does not look to be offering me an easy way to purchase 2 BLE w/PCB and 1 BLE w/remote antenna in single order and single shipping charge. Can you pm me how to get this done? Thanks!


Ordered 2 :),


@mmaner Ackmaniac 3.100+ firmwares are supported, 2.54 not yet, but I can add if there is enough interest

@Deckoz @caustin everyone feel free to put multiple orders for modules with external antenna and without, I will consolidate shipping and will do PayPal refund.


@Mathias yes, Modes and Startup Mode work with stock firmware

@zyphaz at the moment you can only order at, but I hope @fottaz will help with distribution in EU and @JLabs in US in the future :+1:


@jlabs do you have some of these coming to the shop?


We could just tear this rubber duck antenna apart, keeping the internal coax intact , so it dosn`t take so much of a space…

We do it on FPV racing quads all the time


Sweet! Ordered one :smile:


Figured as much


Congrats Roman !
You achieve a very advanced product here, focused on the real concerns everyday riders can encounter.
Really impressive.
(I need to find spare times to finish my custom FW. Combined to this, that would be amazing :wink: ).

Do you sell only 7pin version ? No 8pin for VESC6 ?


I have a pair of ESCape coming from stewii.

Will the metr pro not work with them @Pimousse? :thinking:


Probably 7pin JST male connector can be plugged into 8pin female connector (last pin is ADC3, not used in VESC FW).
Roman will tell.


thanks π :deer:

:joy: :rofl:

will hang tight & wait :sunglasses:


Pi-Elk ? :rofl:


ordered one :smiley:


Yes definitely need support for ack 2.54 if possible. Many people still using that and older bdlc tool. Thanks!


mousse (chocolate dessert) = (sounds like) moose = :deer:
it was either that or go with a mouse :mouse:


Great. I would definitely add support for 2.54, there are lots of people that prefer it to the later versions.


Yes, 7pin JST can be plugged in VESC6 with last pin ADC3 unused. It will hold there just fine.


90 % of my builds are in 2.18 no reason to move!


You, sir, deserve my money :joy:, I just ordered. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.


The reason I use 2.54 is the throttle curve, I love it.