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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



Well thank you @sofu and tell him thanks for watching and taking notes. I didn’t mean to make a stink about the trucks but might have been better for everyone in the long run 13 inch is out of control…no need if the trucks are designed properly. Now we need him to fatten up those Axel’s and I’ll buy lots from him. Great job your a real champion to this fourm sofu cheers.I can vouch carvon are very tough I street skated it the shit out of my speeddrives this year he really just needs a 12mm feathered to a 8 mm would be optimal or at least a 10 mm to 8 mm axel minimal


Lol. Price of motor is now $149. He got greedy. I’m out.


no they were on sale and the sale ended.


Price went from $90>$99>$149. The main initial appeal of Metasurf was that the motor was considerably more affordable than their competition. That’s why everyone got so excited about it. Now they’re charging you almost as much as their competition to essentially “test” their unproven products. And you mean to tell me that those trucks are worth $199? But to each his own.


If you have read the website yesterday, it was a limited time offer, they have listed everything clearly


I’m surprised they have a store right on the block where I used to live


So much rice


Well I’m back in the states and unpacking. Reassembled the drives I brought back so all 6 sets are good to go for local pickup and shipping!image


How much for the cat?

Hope this is still affordable/worth it.


Did you bring back the cat anything? Looks rather disappointed haha. My russian blue is the same.

Keen for someone to give these direct drives a crack.


… she can chew on the rear hangers since we’ve already figured out the gap could be an issue.


Judging from the responses in this post. I would hope he holds true to his word and fixes the issues that arises.


50% increase hmmmm I’m out too


hahaha is it a bow tie your cat is wearing? hahahaha looks cute and funny at the same time:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m interested in the battery / modular enclosure. However seems it can fit only 13s1p. Can it fit 10s2p Sanyo?


I mean… that’s 65% more cells. I’d probably guess not.


I was thinking in putting the BMS somewhere else (with the focboxes)


thats a good question…
I’ll ping the owner on internal dimension


Thanks mate. Maybe ask if he’s open to make an enclosure big enough to fit the Sanyo 10s2p


forget the drives, we’re turning this into sofu’s cat thread.

fucking dapper