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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



Either way, the back of the motor should be hard up against the hanger. Having a gap there makes it even easier to bend.


$449 a set on special… will see how you group buyers go. carvon I know works.


I’m 99% sure its just the perspective, they filmed the video on a gopro. If you look at the 30 second mark its pretty clear the video is distorted.

Not to say that the axles won’t bend. I agree with @lrdesigns, the motor should be flush against the hangar for max strength. But the owner agreed to fix anything that breaks, and should my set break that’ll be the first thing I bring up to him besides thicker axles lol.


The deck is backwards. As well as the graphic. Totally unfunctional mounted that way. Ridiculous. -Unless you have absolutely no idea how to ride a longboard.


This is what I keep saying.
Someone was trying way too hard when designing this deck.
Looks like something an anime character would ride to eject out of their mech


Drives me crazy…It’s the scooter stance.


no no no… its clearly a sword… and you can kick it forward right into that aggressive driver that just cut you offimage


It’s like putting a wing on the rear of a front wheel drive car.


You never had a Peugeot 106 Rallye did you? :grinning:


Noooo…The coolest cars I’ve owned were a 68 Austin Mini Cooper S, Subaru forester XT, and a 71 Ford Torino


Best fun little car I ever had.
Sorta like an esk8.


I decided to take some shitty measurements.


Totally not hating btw. I’ve had 10mm/200mm downhill axles bend on me. These just need to be beefed up if he’s going to keep them that wide… i’d say 12mm at least. Even then, maybe I just didn’t measure the pixels right and these aren’t bent.


alright NVG :roll_eyes::laughing:


I think we all are looking forward the day you show us your style of fashion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyways, I’m not here as a fashion critics, but this pants the guy wears are so funny :rofl:


Oh you guys, he’s already addressed the crappy deck design and said it was a mistake that will be sorted out.


Yeah…and this gap in between looks deadly as well:see_no_evil:


Yes we were discussing this as he took me to the airport. He said around 1-2 months he will have a new deck design, and if you have any favorite shapes to let him know so he can incorporate elements. He’s actively reading this thread.

He also said he’s going to try to make the trucks narrower, something like 218mm. The main hang-up is motor placement but he will try.


If he’s redesigning the motor truck, he should definitely have the motor flush against the hangar. I think that would ease up some of the concerns people on the forum have about the design. Also thicker axles but I imagine that requires a motor redesign as well.


I think @fliess could be the right person to communicate with about the hanger design.


Just so he knows, a narrower truck is going to result in more force applied to the wheel.

But that’s only the case when you bottom out your turning, and one side of your wheels could begin to lift off the ground. In other scenarios it’s the same forces for the most part.