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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



Are these trucks really forged? I see some lines where the mold is released after pouring and hardening


Source: Reddit


@b264 you’re going to froth at the mouth when you see this: https://youtu.be/sN0O5U0IqrQ?t=90


I dont get it ?



shape of the deck, i think


That looks pretty legit…


Those pants though.

Aladdin gettin’ shifty on that board.


funny thing is, the short one looks better if it had a tail

…but those pants


Made me laugh so much


Is it just me or does everyone look like they are bouncing while they skate? They are on a basketball court so shy the aggressive bouncing? I really dont like either decks at all… the motors are a different story :grimacing:


the bouncing is a camera man RUNNING after the rider. you can see his shadow jogging after the skater


Omg they are hugh…it seems you need two decks in a row for them:face_with_monocle:


lmfao…i thought the same. Fashion passed me and i didn’t noticed hahaha


Taiwan street fashion… Actually Asian popular fashion in general is quite different from Western street fashion :stuck_out_tongue: y’all would be aghast at what I wear when I’m here…

He knows about the whack deck shape for the longboard. He’s re designing it


Fashion is silly everywhere in my opinion. Ever seen those really pointy boots that look like elf shoes. They wear them out to the club!image


I have my suspicions. Is this drive already bent? First picture is with a rider, second is with nobody standing on it.

I took these screenshots from the video. I can’t tell, is this just weird camera perspective, or are these axles already bent? It definitely does not look straight to me, but again it may just be perspective.


If they’re 8mm axles, they will bend, even if it’s not bent in this photo



I wish i I had your… steadfastness in life :rofl:


Fuck me. they do look bent :frowning:

With the price being so close to carvon torque drives, this is a hard sell IMO.

Still, looking forward to the reviews from people who bought some.