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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



I’m also looking forward to mine :smiley: overnight shipping within Taiwan is cheap, easy, and reliable, so he said something like Monday/Tuesday Taiwan time he should get them and I’ll just run over a couple blocks to pick them up. His main stock is in Gaoxiong which is where his second store is.


Definitely keep us updated… I’m also highly interested in an awd 13s4p build using these.

edit: and the custom hangars


Quick update. The parts including hangers, motors, enclosures are now available for purchase:

Please note that batteries will be shipped by sea and will impact delivery timeline.

Timeline of custom more powerful motors with sensors TBD. Hoping for something for all in 2 weeks time


Damn the trucks are way too expensive.


200 For the trucks wut.


$380 if bought separately, $459 if purchased together… How does this make any sense?


Good catch…Sounds like a deal? Wont be surprised if he bumps the separate parts up to match the package when he notices it…


Personally, I don’t feel like paying carvon prices for lesser quality specifically referencing the 8mm axle vs the stepped axles in carvon motors


@topcloud is looking into getting custom hangars with good steel axles machined. I have a set of Carvon’s coming in and a set of these coming in for the sake of science :grinning:.

I’m not expecting much, but if they don’t fail spectacularly, they would be a cheaper alternative for those who can’t afford Carvon motors and/or who don’t ride too hard.


i think many of the members might not be able to understand what the metadrive guy said.

"no problem. if there is any problem, we will help to resolve it.
as for the enertion axles snapping, we did consider it when we were designing the metadrive.

we think that the axle breaks easily is because the axle is too short.
he posted pics of jason with the enertion trucks and said that the axle didnt pass through the entirety of the hanger but only extending it out from the sides of the hanger

therefore their design made sure that the axle passes through the entire length of the hanger.

although the choice to make the axle pass through the hanger wasnt made just because of enertion’s problem, but we did some tests at the factory which also prove that having the axle running the entire length of the hanger made it stronger.

as for the axles being aluminum, i will get an official report. as we had signed a contract with the factory that we want to use 7075 aluminium for the axle.

as for the tensile strength and impact force, i will have to see if next week i will be able to provide a detailed report about that"

that is what he said mainly in chinese.


update: cost-prohibitive at a glance: I’d cover setup costs for a group buy (that someone else runs; I don’t compete with or sell to my friends), however, the first shop guesstimates $135 per hanger 50 qty., and, after measuring way too many decks last night, we’d need SR TKP adjustable baseplates for clearance - adding another $150 in cost.

  • Custom aluminum Surf-Rodz TKP-compatible hanger - and (new) likely will require TKP adjustable base (for clearance):


  • Straight-through hardened steel heat-treated axle, 9.525 mm through-body, graduating to 8mm just outside the hanger body


We are optimistic that Metasurf will deliver, yet we will always look to our community when we need something more.

If we must have custom hangers made, we’ll source them from a forum member - exactly as we did for this custom Avenue hanger for 90mm hub motors, just a few weeks ago:

13S is what’s next in PEV; pretty sure all the electric-unicycles, karts, etc. I saw were 13S.

Metasurf seems on-point. Do like. :slight_smile:


Dang the truck price


Loololloll 450 dollar for trucks with motor
999 for their complete esk8 xD


I think the Alabama Esk8 council (comprised of @mmaner, @Sender, @GreasyGearsWRX, and myself) could snap one of those axles in a ride… I’m so interested in these drives, but I am SCARED of the trucks. @topcloud I like where you are going with this!


oh shit, thank god @sofu hookin it up for $300, niice

just me tho, not u peasants.


Here’s the latest update for those who’ve put in an order with me to bring them back a set. 6 of them are being 快遞’d from Gaoxiong right now and will arrive in Taipei tomorrow for me to pick up. For local SF peeps, feel free to pick them up before or after the Saturday BAEsk8 group ride. Otherwise I’ll send them out the 15th!

My luggage is going to be so heckin heavy…


My folks will be heading to Taiwan in a month or so. But I am no longer a regular here to do group buy though


lol the price jump😂 the only thing that made me considering these were prices. like i said above 90 bucks for an unsensored 6374 is ok, for 99 i would expect sensors at least.
and trucks for that price i expect to be cnc’d not casted.


The trucks should be forged, not casted or CNCed.


afaik his trucks are forged