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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



You can probably by those same adapters on eBay for cheap. I think lots of pre-builts are using them now. They are also used in the ebike market I’m pretty sure


This is amazing, the other brands are quaking in their boots, does the short board have the same wide axle?


Just wanted to make sure expectation is set :slight_smile:


Yes, they are based off the same axle. Small board would come with one set of battery, the large board comes with 2. The motor trucks and electronics are the same if you are looking for a complete


Heres a side by side from a different angle


I like that small board :heart_eyes:


was debating bringing my board during my trip back… its starting to look like i will be buying a board there and bringing it back here :stuck_out_tongue:


I did bring this up to him, totally open to it :slight_smile:


I appreciate you and @sofu; you two are the real deal and your execution and passion for ESK8 is evident in your actions, right here, right now. Actions speak louder than words.

For my part, I bought two Metasurf drives and I have two enquiries out for local axle production so we can try 13S4P AWD later this year on my 13S Evo. We’ve lost riders here, on this forum so we’re not taking any chances.


So when I talked to him, we were discussing just cutting off the existing connector and soldering bullets. That’s really the easiest way and the way I’m doing mine. You can try and get the same connector but then you’ll have to redo your vescs too so why bother…


Yeah it does. To be honest I liked the short a whole lot better than the long even though it’s the same hardware. It’s probably because of the super weird deck shape on the long though…

He’s got his vesc settings super low on everything because you don’t need high or even moderate settings for city cruising in Taiwan and also because the phase wires can’t handle too much, but I think they’re capable of much more.


He mentioned about including adapters. That could be an option too for those that really don’t like messing with the parts. Its pretty easy to get around but just like to be transparent in terms of what folks are getting into


Those are Higo connectors, I’m looking for them for ages put apparently they only sell to manufacturers, in my opinion they are the standard all market should go, 3 power pins and 6 data pins for sensors and temperature sensor


@sofu can you ask metasurf this? I still don’t believe he’s using an aluminium axle. 你们桥架的轴是什么材料的?钢还是铝?如果顶柱用的是钢轴应该也是钢巴。桥垫和体应该是铝的吧? 你们能做粗一点的轴吗?现在这个太细了,老外用没几米肯定就断了。

I believe he might have had axle and hanger mixed up.


It’s 100% not aluminum man :smiley:


I double that. Even without considering the diameter and length, anyone having screwed a steel nut on an aluminium thread would anticipate the obvious consequences of the slightest user abuse… Sounds like a communication error rather than a design issue :upside_down_face:



Ok here’s our latest conversation on that. We’ve had many conversations about it in person, but the one from chat I can actually show. Edited to take out excessive bantz. Jack is @Ixf. I’m not claiming to agree with his reasoning or deductions, just posting to explain where we’re currently at.


Has he looked at broken axle pictures we linked in the thread


Yes. I think I’m going to stay off being the middleman for the axle topic until we have the hardware. Then we can draw conclusions. He’s already made it clear that he will fix and improve anything that breaks so nobody is SOL. Let’s just wait and see…


thanks @sofu and @Ixf for killing it in this thread.

this went from an idea to reality in the quickest time i can remember.

looking forward to my drives!