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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



(actually it wasn’t full 12 as it was threaded and long story short it WILL be a solid 12mm going forward starting today.) but this is a long span for sure on these and likely hardened so more likely to snap than bend. but at maybe only 300$ for a set that gives you a lot extra for possible medical work later.

its pretty new to me but speaking of hardened axles it seems you can get a hardened axle into a cast hanger or a forged (why forged is worth doing don’t know as the aluminum isn’t going to be the part that bends and I imagine that’s the forged part). so you can get a hardened axle in a cast hanger as the aluminum doesn’t get to the critical temp of the steel to anneal it. or you could press it. maybe would anneal slightly


I can always ask :slight_smile:


Thats a Carvon step down axles 12 mm 10 mm to 8 mm @Skunk…that why they are better looking with a real precision liquid truck…worth every penny…strong as fuck I launch mine every day off curbs down two or three stair cases and over train tracks at 25km easy …need that speed just to clear the stairs…please ppl be safe on these …very interesting tho love to hear about them in the real world…


your axles are still too thin. this changes nothing


Guys out of curiosity …do we have any video of these hubs actually working ?
I am also interested in picking up one set just for science.


Couple of members in Taiwan E8K group went for a test ride. I’ll see if I can get a vid of them on the board


That would be awesome …startup torque or some uphill video would be nice.


The new carvon torque drive axles are 12mm stepped down to 10mm. They never get to 8mm. Strong as fuck

8mm all the way is a bad idea and 200kg test are a joke. With bumps and cracks, you are going to put far far higher forces on the thin elongated axle and for sure I expect them to snap at some point.

Lets get these guys to go atleast 10mm. 12 stepped to 10 will be ever better.


I’m pretty good at breaking trucks.
I should start testing


I keep reading this as “Meatsurf”


Just thinking out aloud.

If they decide to make the axles thicker, then they have to modify the motors to have a thicker inner diameter too.
Thats gonna add to the cost.

Worth trying to grab a few of these for science but no way should anyone think of these as reliable long term solution.


Quick update:
Managed to catch the owner before he went to bed regarding the axle design.
He mentioned that the material of the rod is 7075-T6 (aluminium alloy) and is confident in its strength.
He will look into potentially developing thicker rods in the future but that change is more involved then just modifying the motor and will not be included in the next batch.

@NAF I found some video on Taiwan esk8 facebook page, I’ll repost when I get back home. They aren’t torture test though, just running it in front of the store.

Lastly I want to make absolutely clear that am NOT affiliated with them in anyway or form. I saw the product, its cool, its from my home country, found the owner through a mutual friend and I’m bridging the language gap with information gathering and trying to organize a sale. I am def getting one personally and will be paying out of pocket for it.


I think he’s mistaken and don’t think you can be confident with that. 8mm of aluminum?


Quick google seem to yield that its comparable to steel, but again I am not an expert in that area. He might have stress test data or vids. I could do a little more prodding but for now thats all I got


no one does an aluminum axle and it would be doomed. im sure its not aluminum. aluminum has no fatigue strength and every stress is another step towards fracture.


Its an alloy again, I can only parrot what I am told


Axles are steel, aluminum alloys are too soft it would bend or snap quite easily with the loads we put on them. You can’t find a vehicle with aluminum axles it doesn’t exist.


I hear you but saying he must be mistake. confidently mistaken


Maybe he was talking about this insert that goes in to stator? Can axle be stronger when it’s hollow? That would be like first thing to do. I believe that pipe is stronger than a rod.


pipe isn’t as strong as rod. 7075 being an aluminum alloy not iron. so not steel.