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Meet up, joined ride Switzerland?!


I’m interested to join, couldn’t pm anyone(new account).
Im in Zürich.


Hey, alright. I can invite you to our whats app group chat i’f you’d like. I can pm you my phone number, since would be weird to post your details online like this. sound good ? :slight_smile:


Yes, sounds perfect. Thanks!


giving this a bump

We now have a nice group of around 12 riders, meeting up every now and then via WhatsUp
Send a PM to me or @michichopf if you would like to join.

@capfirepants, are you in Switzerland?
Any more Swiss riders?



I am from kanton of Zurich and live near the city. I am currently studying at Hochschule Luzern (Bsc in Energy systems engineering. I would like to join :slight_smile: Summer is comming soon and we would see some lovely weather.

Really looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

Dont have an esk8 yet, mainly looking for ideas. Still free to join your whatsapp?


Hey. just send me your phone number per PN and I will invite you.


alright. I suggest you show up when we start a ride, try out many different boarda and ask all the questions you have, write me your phone number per pn. So i can add you to the group chat.


Is it just me or cant i send pm’s to you?


ah you are a new member. I got you :slight_smile:


Hi Michi, i a ma new mamber as well. cant send pm’s yet


Hi, I’m from Ticino and I own an E-go from Yuneec, can I join your group?^^

ps. I don’t know how to send pms, maybe I can’t because I’m a new member(?)


Hey guys just saw this and registered for the forum :slight_smile: I am based in Zurich and would love to join if possible! Can anyone send me his/her whatsapp number so I can contact them? Many thanks!


@NoWindCH is from Switzerland, do not know if he has a functioning board tho


Yes my burd runs with the trampa motors again, so its functioning. :slight_smile:


I’m heading to Switzerland on June 22nd. Due to the difficulties with shipping battery, I plan to bring my Esk8 minus the battery pack and searching for a new or used 12s battery to use. It would be great to explore this beautiful “neutral” country on an Esk8. It may not be feasible as I cannot bring battery back with me.


Hello boys, new rider on the forum! I live near Lausanne but I would be down to do some skating with you as soon as my build is complete! Worst case scenario I’ll just draft you guys on my analog DH ride.


hey swiss skaters. just found this thread… i am one of the carvon-buyers, so i might join you guys in 2019, 2020…?


Finally found this!
Would like to join the group
Living near Basel
Currently only a non electric Board - build will be done probably arround february -> waiting on my TB DD’s


Yeah swiss guies ! I moved on the beginning of this year in Lausanne (bachelor at epfl)
@delinlo you still there ? Would love to meet up, got a problem on my diy board (looking for a spot welder, or someone that could help me), but I have a mellow (I’m “that” guy who won the Christmas contest !)