Maytech 5570 motors


Saw these on the maytech site. I like that they made something smaller with that big bearing. I wonder how they perform, search results yielded zilch. But I’m thinking of getting a set for science and to possibly replace my 6374’s c1’s. They are sort of heavy. Anyone used these before?


"This motor is specially designed for fighting robots. "

Haha, maybe it can handle the abuse esk8 dishes out!


I see you like your shafts long


Would certainly be interesting to see how this performs in comparison with other 55mm motors. Might be a good choice for DIY builds with Evolve trucks and mounts.


I wonder of that means it will come battle hardened with epoxy on the coils and magnets


Probably not


But a skinny girth. Give me a good 10mm shoulder bolt anytime.


Shaft girth is much more important than shaft length, but its always better to have a longer shaft than a shorter one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Longer is not always better ya know :smirk:


What I mean to say is you can always cut a longer shaft down to size… :open_mouth: