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Louboard 1.0 Mod, Upgrade | Lightweight | Portable



You should be running the VTC6 at 15A while the VTC5A can be run at 20A and it would be at the same temperature. Thats a solid 33.3% amp increase and he said he is trying to climb hills! Lou 1.0 is definitely not for larger riders but since he has it already, why not try it?


Sure, depending on how much you want to spend. And if you’re going hills. VTC5A have less mAh. It is always tradeoff. For me, VTC6 are better choice.


The back and front velcros of my board seem pretty sturdy but the middle ones came off today when I removed the deck so Im going to glue those on with stronger stuff. Also it seems that the middle part of the board is not leveld with the sides so that`s interesting.

Not sure what to do about the ESC and the wires. They do seem a bit too “out in the open” and loose, so if you have a solution for those Id be grateful to hear it :smiley:.


So, what I`m getting is that VTC5A is better for climbing hills and better for bigger riders but VTC6 does the job aswell. Bigger mAh?

Regarding the price it seems they are about the same. UK Amazon shows that VTC5A and VTC6 are the same price if bought per 1 cell and if per 4 cells then VTC5A is cheaper.


ESC is fine, it is the Bluetooth module that should be secured. I mounted it on some foam and neutral silicone next to the ESC. Same thing with wires on the other side.

You don’t really wanna buy batteries from Amazon. NKON.nl is the place to go.


Not that big of a difference in price but what is better to get? More mAh for longer rides and just Amps for speed?

And do you have a picture of your solution to the wires and the Bluetooth module? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would have already posted the pic but don’t have the board with me at least until next week. It is snowboarding season, not esk8 season around here so most of my boards are tucked away in hibernation :slight_smile:


Haha I see :D. But what are the pros of having more mAh and pros of having more A?


If you have more mAh you get more range…
If you have higher discharge rating (A), your battery wont “sag” that much, meaning it will loose its capacity during discharge slowlier and the battery shoud live longer :slight_smile:


^^^ what he said :slight_smile:
Also, the rated mAh / A are not directly comparable. It is best to look at some tests and graphs and decide for yourself.


So it seems that for the post writer the VTC5A would be a better choice. And going double hub motor on LOU 1.0 is pretty impossible.

I quess for my type of riding more mAh would be a better choice. (Like those long rides :smiley: )

But building the pack is going to be a whole different story


Look for some battery producers in your neighbourhood, they will certainly make such a small pack for you and it shouldnt be expensive :slight_smile: Certainly better idea than doing it yourself :wink:

Also do not expect great rise in the range, there will be some for sure, but not much…If you want more range, you can modify the lou to have a swappable battery like inboard, which would be completly hilarious :smiley: :smiley:


As you were browsing UK Amazon, maybe you could ping @darkkevind about building the pack for you. He does packs for Evolve and is located in UK.

And yes, do not expect anything incredible. The pack will sag less then original which is not crap but it is not using highest rated cells. Some performance increase yes, maybe even a bit longer ride and much less of that annoying beeping sound from ESC :slight_smile: For more range build 2 or 3 packs!

Since the deck plate can be taken off pretty easily, it is already highly swappable anyhow.


So after some thought and looking through what I have in the workshop. I think I’m gonna stick to belt driven. It will ruin some of the stealthy design but I think it provides a much better power to weight option.

I have a @psychotiller Ripba mount laying around and a 6355 motor. So I’ll hook that up so a VESC an get a small battery pack made. That should give the board more torque but will unfortunately ruin the free roll of the hubs. I’ll experiment with a 9mm and 12mm pulley option and see if I can get a balance of good coasting and good torque delivery with no belt skipping.

Couldn’t sleep last night so did a quick mockup last night whilst everyone else was asleep.

Obviously nothing is aligned, spaced correctly or tight. Just wanted to get an idea of what it would look like.


Does anyone know if there is a way to just get the deck?


You’d be better off making up a pack of Sanyo 20700 cells and using the Meepo ESC, truck & hubs…

Those hubs have quite a surprising amount of torque.


Why has everyone overlooked lifepo4 cells? They have a high enough discharge for a 10s/12s1p configuration. The down side is they are on the expensive side. Pair that up with a set of 83mm hubs from diyeboard and a dual EBay esc and your good to go

Edit: here’s the cells rated for 70amps max



Finally. Found the pics I took on the first week I received the board. Thought I had lost them.

20700 10s pack would maybe be possible but the BMS would be problematic to fit.

Height of the pack should not go over 20-21mm. The 22mm is really tight fit as is and the middle straps are not holding the deck securely.


To fit the bms he could do @scepterr portable bms idea and just have a jst sticking out for the plug


So I have filed down the trucks, attached the motor mount and motor. I have a spare vesc but no antispark switch at home.

I was thinking can I simply wire the Enertion rspec 6055 motor up to the existing esc??? Will the 6055 simply overheat and fry the current esc or the current configuration won’t work because I’m going from a low kv hub motor to a 190kv outboard motor? Any thoughts??
I don’t really want to fry the ESC if I don’t have to. I may put back all the original parts and sell it one day.

I know a vesc is way way better and configurable and I will use one in the end but for now whilst I wait for the switch to arrive Id love to try it out, plus the smart start on the current ESC is pretty sweet.

I’m really liking it so far. I just hope its as powerful as I am hoping.