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Looks like Turnigy Sk 6374 149kv 168kv 192kv ARE BACK!


Gettem while they have them


Here you go @FLATLINEcustoms


already a stock alert thread for this and i already posted about this.


Hahah I didn’t notice lol


I didn’t notice that was buried in an old thread


we should see if a mod will pin it so that stock alerts can be posted at the top for everyone to see. or make a new cleaner thread that we just pm mods with stock alerts to add.


Sometimes I get all con-fuzzed with this looking at this on my phone


Waiting on that east coast warehouse stock.


Done. It’ll be globally pinned for the entire month of June.


i meant my thread since im still updating with stock alerts but this works for the sk3’s


Like in suppose to remember everything gees lol