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Looking to learn


Hi All,

I am new to all of this electrical wizardry and I’m looking for resources to help me learn. Things like how to build custom batteries, the basics on brushless motors, soldering for beginners, etc…

Does anyone have some good links, books, classes, or other resources that helped them learn these things?

Many thanks!


I’m not one to have cited sources but if you have any questions I check my inbox thousands of times per day and I’m happy to help


That’s exactly what this forum is. You’re already in the right place! Just start reading through all of the build threads and then cross reference part descriptions with google for product pages and other useful data.


I’ve just practiced soldering with spare connectors and wire because I sucks at it. You could try buying one of these:

I dunno if these are meant for kids but I think it would be a fun way to practice soldering. Other then that just watch lots of youtube videos and read this forum!


Everything about e boards is on the forum, literally everything, it just takes time to find it and read read read. You can never do enough reading…


this is a useful thread on VESCs
They are the electric speed controllers that most people use.


@Strawbs the others are right, you are already in the very best place to learn. Use the forum search for each of the keywords you’ve noted in and you’ll see a lot of good info.


Start reading in this forum.


This forum is great for sharing projects and discussing products, but I’m not finding too much “instructional” content. Things like step by step guides how to build a battery, or basic motor knowledge. I’m finding more of that stuff on Youtube. Just wondering if anyone has resources of that nature.