Looking for Pneumatic Wheels


As the title suggests, I am looking for some pneumatic wheels. I have so far been unsuccessful finding any. Been looking at the skike wheels but it looks as if they have some flaws. If anyone has pneumatics they’d be willing to part with, I’ll happily buy them off you!


Have you spoken to @psychotiller?


No not yet, I’d like to pick up a set of his 6" but it looks like they’re out of stock :frowning:


Need to talk to him direct


gotcha, ill reach out.


I did not have any luck last time i checked @psychotiller for available but maybe that has changed since. Fwiw I ride various versions of the evolve AT 7" roadies and MBS 8" knobby pneumatics for NYC. Mainly so that I don’t have to worry about unexpected street hazards. Don’t have any to spare but you can get them from evolve or MBS. Also @Kaly knows all of this stuff cold and is my local.


I saw the evolve wheels on the site-- says for GT only but IDK if that means they won’t work on other boards or just what they want people to think.

Gotta arrange another meetup in NYC and check out these AT wheels!


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Aren’t MBS hubs made for 28mm bearings, meaning they won’t fit on regular trucks?
I’ve never seen the e-glide wheels… do they have the same 28mm bearings?


Yep, MBS wheels need a 12mm truck, hence why I went with MBS trucks and headed on a far more difficult path! All terrain flat deck | Loaded Fattail Deck | MBS Matrix Pro ii trucks | MBS wheels | Dual Ollin 170kv | Custom mount | 8S | VESC


Haha, yep. Saw your build. This is why I don’t really want to do an MBS build. The trucks are also really expensive.


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Yeah really, and they don’t seem at all worth the extra cost. You could perhaps pad out standard trucks somehow to fit the larger bearings?


Why would there be an issue with pneumatics on regular size trucks? The Enertion, ADS, and @psychotiller wheels all seemed to work.


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@michaeld33 those companies designed small pneumatic wheels to work with regular skateboard trucks. Mountain board wheels are generally designed for longer axles, wider hangers, and axles that are larger in diameter (in other words, mountain board trucks). One main problem is that you’ll get serious wheel bite if the 8-inch wheel isn’t far enough away from your deck.


yep, I get it. I’m looking for pneumatics to mount on regular trucks though…


@michaeld33 I think the only options right now are the 5-inch Skike wheels (modified with a lathe or other cutting tool) or @psychotiller hubs if they are available.


Breaking News: ADS is releasing new pneumatics this fall!

(this may not be breaking news)


@michaeld33 that is great news, any details to share about it? How did you find out?