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Looking for artist to design logo and banners


Hey guys!

I’m trying to put together some logo’s for my local club and company “The Electric Boarder Colorado” that will be hosting the Thunder in the mountains event. I need to get some posters made and would like to work on a good logo as well. I am more than happy to pay for these commissions. If you guys could send some links to your work, send suggestions of artists you know, I would really appreciate the references. I would love something hand drawn or painted but am open as long as we can build something unique. Get back to me!


You might want to try Craigslist on gig section that’s how I did some graphic design work when I was in college and need some burner money. I would be willing to help but I am definitely sure that there are far better designs than me on here as I haven’t really dealt with illustrator in a while. But I will help if no one else steps up


I’ve used fiverr before and they’re good for this kind of thing.

I’m not affiliated with them in any way except a prior customer.


Some of my work…

Logo for a Coffee shop in Colombia


Business card for an italian hair stylist in Germany.


Logo for my online RC website


Series of posters for a Transportation Museum


Logo for a friend’s company (Business & Business)


I like this


Che loco! Yer a top artist.


Gracias papá!:vulcan_salute:

#13 Scott is a cool guy - does some unique stuff and into longboarding.


So apparently we don’t even need to leave the forum for this stuff. @pixelsilva got this


Poster for a Classic Car Race (LeMans start)


@Lunasi I think we have found a winner at @pixelsilva


Did you get the logo made?


Working on a poster for the event now with another artist, speaking to him currently on my logo though.


Wow @pixelsilva nice work!! Good to know we have a resident designer in-house!


@pixelsilva I could really use someone who could do some sick geometric morphs for animals or able to draw comic book characters would just need black and white for graphics on my decks


Poster for the event is done!!

Artist: Gavin Weir
Instagram: artmerc83