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Looking for a used Yuneec motor


Hi, I destroyed my Yuneec E-go motor trying to hammer out the axle. The plastic frame used to hold the magnets is extremely brittle and splintered apart.

Anyone have a used one for sale?


I doubt anyone has an extra one. You can buy another one from Yuneec or you can find a similar motor based on the Yuneec Motor’s specs.


I have a full brand new rear truck assembly with motor. Yuneec sells them for $170 I believe. Pm me an offer.


I have a brand new motor in box ready for use. It’s my spare - I got it for $70 from a partner. I’m going back to campus in a two weeks and can ship it then if you’re interested.


Thanks a bundle KM! I was able to arrange something with Yuneec… It will cost a bit more than yours but will get here faster. Much appreciated!