Looking for a Bluetooth Module (US) please


Anyone with a Bluetooth Module for sale? trying to finish my build (US) please.


Build kit board will have some for sale during Black Friday for 9.99$




These are not currently in stock. Pre-order only


What dAeM0N1K3 said.


@psychotiller also had some, they show out of stock as well.

Im asking them both to see when they will be back in stock.


@JLabs says they should be in stock any day.


Depends what features your looking for… the metr pro is the most advanced app of them all. But his modules will cost you quite a bit. But they are a custom module now with encryption and everything.


Yah I check them both to before I asked, thank you.


Thanks’ I was hoping to get something closer to home.


i got a normal BT module (not metr compatible).

send me $7 to


@psychotiller says he has some too, send him a PM.


Is that with the fee? don’t want to short you.


yep, these things cost like $2. $7 with fee + shipping.


Money sent, thanks’.


Done deal! Someone please close this…


tomorrow being thanksgiving it’ll be on your way friday.



Cool Happy Thanksgiving everyone.