Look like a new Evolve is on the way

Did you tell the mail forwarding service you were planning to ship dangerous goods?

Yea it’d probably be a few extra weeks to ship by boat

They made it seem as though that was fine, but I didn’t explicitly say they contain Li-Ion cells.

There were some options such as “electronics check” (When you order this service, forwarder will check each electronic item in your order to make sure it turns on) which made a $4 difference in cost…

There’s a huge price gap between Australia and North America.:scream:

I live in Japan, but I can buy it cheaper than people in North America…

I can just pop down the road and say Yo Jeff! Give me a board. Take it away with me. No shipping, no customs, domestic discount. :sunglasses:

Not going to do it but just wanted to piss you all off.



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evolve world tour


#Brexit :joy:


Can you tell I really like these wheels :stuck_out_tongue:


You should dye one set of white wheels 4 different colors. Old school style


We will see :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ordering up a set of the black right now.

Do these wheels work with standard abec style pulleys? (Not press fit, the cheap kind with screws clamping down on the wheel) Just want to be sure I don’t need a special evolve wheel pulley or anything before ordering.

Yes they do

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They run different firmware an up the amps, that 32 amps can be cranked to near 80 and use different motors. 160kv works well