Look like a new Evolve is on the way

I have been thinking about this a lot since my brief discussion with @sofu earlier on in this thread.

They chose the cells based on a wh verses power output basis. They have looked at the power they generally need to run at and decided that constant current isn’t that much and the bursts are within the 35E specs. Remember @Ackmaniac watt mode? I think they have their own version of that going on and are managing the power output in the same way. Those extra 2Ah from the 4P 35E pack over a 30Q pack are worth the drop in power output to Evolve. I bet this is slower in GTR mode than the GT was/is


I think it will fit trampa hubs, because they don’t have any other hubs and use the same ones from 7" which tyres fit trampa hubs so I guess it will fit…

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I’m trying to imagine the situation where someone would say no :rofl:


Can confirm these are quite good wheels

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I’m sure they would be willing to sell you a pack later on, but why 10s and not 12s?

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Evolve’s new 6" wheels are 150mm x 50mm, or “6 x 2”, meaning, the new Evolve 6" tires should fit the Psychotiller.com Six Shooter, Janux-esk8.com Quattro, and Haggyboard.com Bergmaister (among others).

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the price on this one box is hella baiting. 350AUD is for the travel pack, not the 10s4p.



This might be me trying to cheat the system, but I might have found a potential loophole of sorts.

You can pick one up for $1999AUD ($1386.12USD) via the Australian site

You can also pick the up the same configuration on the US site for $1999

Rough maths say $1999 - $1386 = $600 in shipping!?!

Wouldn’t you be best off to buy one on the Australian site, and ship direct to your house and wait the extra few days? Worst case you find a middleman or middlecompany to do the shipping for you and still end up saving a ton of money?

Am I missing something? Seems too good to be true…

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If you can find a middleman shipper then yes, this has always been the case with Evolve boards. It’s the reason they are so popular in Australia, they are far far cheaper than imports of other boards that are priced in USD. In the past, it has still always been more expensive to ship the board to the US though.


Was checking out their pricing and the boards are the same price eg 1,999 AUD vs 1,999 USD but it seems their conversion for some of the parts are much more expensive on the Australian store

Eg Wheels

$110 USD


$180 AUD

Thanks so much, they put them on the website and they’re very expensive.

Quick question tho, are the batteries soldered, or is some sort of compression pack?

They’re spot welded to nickel strips, the strips are then soldered onto pads


so true 20jason

looks like a dead frog beneath your spiral gear drive build.

I was planning to get one until I realized the price in Australia is approximately 1300 use compare to 1900 use in US. Stupid idea cancel.

Did some rough metrics - seems to be ~200 or so based on some Mail Forwarding services. Not too bad for a few extra days delay to save $400.

That is unless customs has something to say about it haha

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