Look like a new Evolve is on the way


I don´t know the evolve electronics so I can´t say how the ratings for it, but i would assume that it´s not totally different from our esc and vesc designs we use and 12s is ok for us. some use 13s even, but for a production board on which you need to hold on your warrenty it makes sense to have a bigger gap between the operating voltage and the max limit the hw can handle.


I am a Carbon freak but I prefer a Bamboo ride.


This flex PCB is very clever ! Hope to see a DYI alternative very soon for this design


Isn’t it “patented” :smiley:



Ha,ha! I really like that there aren’t any balance wires. I guess it needs an integrated BMS.

Are the series connections just copper traces, as well?


Fuck patents, DIY ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: you think that having a flex PCB car be patented ?:sweat_smile:


Specifically to DIY, patents are restriction with tunnels effects. But for guys that are shaping into their garage boards for others, or vendors that are selling hardwares to DIYers it is not cool, except if evolve is going to rent its patent at reasonable price and different settings as 12s4p 10s5p 12s5p 10s6p…


But @blasto has done almost the same thing months back

Check his haya build


I have a pcb design i drew up by hand a couple months ago that’s almost exactly like evolves need to see if i could fined the paper.


Did he register worldwide his concept with a patent? Otherwise he will have to deal a reduction to continue to sell his products. This is the stupid law of patents… Hopefully there is no patent on Oxygen (yet)


He isn’t selling


Great, he is just missing money as his concept is not his from April 2019.


Yes it’s great, but Mellow board or inboard use this kind of design already (battery solded on PCB). The PCB itself is not flex. For me this is the true inovation here :slight_smile:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: this board was built last year hahah


The GTseries was forced to be in Eco mode at 35V. What is the cutoff start voltage of GTR that uses 35E cell?


The Inboard broke nickel on vibration due to its bad ride. GTR’s bent PCB and nickel seem to be overcoming it.


you’re right, i had to repair an inboard pack because of this problem (the quality of inboard packs is a shame regarding their price)


10000% agree with you. If components work as promised by marketing, customers will be happy


I think only when the cells are at about nearly completely drained. It maintains GTR mode at 2% and only kicks down at 1% battery


Does GTR have a concept of forced eco mode or cutoff?

VESC starts cutoff at 3.4 V.
This is customary. However, for 35E, 3.4V cutoff start seems to be early timing.