Look like a new Evolve is on the way

Ok we know some more information now.

Evolve employee has posted a video on our facebook group showing the board flat out no sag at 4% battery - Great! The kicker - its only 18MPH top speed. So obviously there is some speed management to prevent sag going on. What we need to know is what speeds does it restrict to at 75% battery, 50% and 25%. If this board is low 20’s at 50% battery its going to be a problem.

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Lil’ shot i took during the shoot to show you a bit what the carbon version look like


Hi riders, I’m sure most of you have already got a look on this video.

Amazing, even if at the end it is made in China, manufacturing is many steps beyond that Australian’s small businesses are trying to do for 2.1 customer nightmares…

No, it seems there isn’t really.

10s @ 140kv @ 15:33 @ 97mm:

18mph seems more or less in line considering at 7% if you’re doing something that isn’t going in an absolute straight line on flat ground at the fastest speed. In my testing there is still the same torque going up hills as there was at 100% so really that’s all that matters I think.


As far as I’m concerned This is the ORIGINAL GTR custum built and named a long time ago @Touch415 @sofu



fwiw I named it the GTS cause i built it and s is the first letter in my name… so no name challenges there :rofl:


Evolve ripped off Bae Sk8😤

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Haha. Nooo. Former owner renamed her GTR @Touch415 say something bro lol

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This board has changed hands a few times. fker had no idea what he was doing and fried both FOCBOXes within a week. We just got it and did a proper tune up. New owner is very happy now.


Plus the Pikachu adds 10% torque

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I just want the white wheels

I’m happy you guys brought her back to life! :+1:t3:

Me too. Can confirm this new AEND formula rides fantastic!

Hey if @Touch415 renamed it I defer to him 100%


I just want some decent white wheels that I can die different colors.

These are it chief

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Hopefully they don’t charge a ridiculous price… I’d almost trade my 107 for a pair.

Otherwise im going Venom Magnum


Well I can’t tell you the price until Wednesday but if I knew anything I’d say they’re probably in line with what wheels are going for these days

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Can anybody link me to the video of jeff anning talking about lipos vs liions?

It was hella difficult cus one of the replacement Focbox was missing the USB port. And I had to flash both of them new FW. I flipped my shit a few times thinking that I fked up and need to painfully solder on a new USB port. Got it figured out after a few hours, metr saved our asses.

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