Look like a new Evolve is on the way



UK Guys from the last evolve ride had 100wh stickers on their packs. Looks Legit…I didnt know you could get 4p 100wh packs :wink:


Ahh, duck fuck go. What a thing


you what :rofl:

@Riako you’re correct!


Brian has a duck fetish.


How do you know if the trucks are cnc made? They look cast in that pics you posted. Same old thing.


The new hardware is forged and cnc’d


I just quoted what was posted and said in the vid … sorry can’t confirm it !


I know some big words, but that one is new to me.

Edit, was googled, not a doubter. You get 10 of my internets.


I really wanted to try a 5” tire! Searched everywhere but I couldn’t find the tire even if I machined my own hubs. Do they suck or something?

Edit: Nvm read the rest of the thread. How tf do you loose a mold?


lol those were the good ol’ days @Arzamenable ! The 5" format is actually pretty good, and the high psi (100) kept rolling resistance low, but the weak nylon hubs were terrible and tires lasted about 120 miles.


The wall now


Jesus … I think I already asked derelicrobot this, but image


@sofu Are the new motors 6355 or 6365?


They are 55



So these motors?

I’m assuming there the same trucks as the old just new mounts correct?


Wait, i thought no change to the motors. They aren’t 5065s anymore?


Sorry I did mean 5065. Not sure what I was thinking. They’re vented now and have steel shafts


No not those. New trucks but same design, just new manufacturing process


Are the mounts the same?