Look like a new Evolve is on the way


I’m 125, but the range number I’m referring to was gotten by a rider who’s 140. They tell me it doesn’t matter too much unless the weight difference was 100-200lb, but of course we all know there will be some difference. Either way I’m impressed by the real world range


Anyone notice the 63mm motors on that vid in the background? And on one of the carbons?


Lol you need 1 scale per foot


@treenutter these little rims are triggering me.

All others, see the skike tire/hub shitshow of 2016.


Wow, I wonder with the single connector motor cables what that could mean???


I just realize that we aren’t not in the same social braquet, so for now I will refer to you as Sir… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I don’t get it. Get 63mm motors and not be able to up the current. Bigger guys I suppose. Heat issues? Still don’t get it.


Those were too thin, that was the issue.


I dunno it’s a mystery :face_with_monocle:


Their race version, you know the one they raced the go kart with etc. Reckon its rocking a unity?

ps Jay Boston is such a tool


Wait, did you ever try changing one of those? I was literally drenched in sweat, despite levers and boiling the tire.

That was the most physical demanding part of eskate for me bar none.


Just me? Wtf is with that smaller battery offered? It’s too large for air travel so why did they even make it?!


It’s a great way to steal a scoop. YouTuber with loads of vids accidentally goes live too early. That is until you realize you may not be in line for an early review of any future models So sofu you win by being legit


It’s not. I think for that one they just ran a higher kv motor and modified the controller firmware a bit. They didn’t tell me anything about it unfortunately…


Airlines restrictions are 160wh.so it should be fine. I dunno where this 100wh limit myth came from.


Air restriction depend on the airline… 100Wh is cargo restriction, anything over is consider dangerous good and must be handle differently for commercial airline.


Ok just got told I can start posting pics. Here’s the uncensored ones I posted previously

How do you store your boards?

WHAT!!! The new evolve is not red and square!!! WHAT!!! I feel disappointed.