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Loaded Vanguard board

what kind of batteries are you running @Schulerbible

Hey nonstop did you start your build?

I’m looking to do the same build but with a lot more range, maybe using a 10S4P battery, however I’m not sure if it would be possible to mount it on the Vanguard.

There was a Vanguard build around here with very slim profile CF enclosure that looked amazing.

check out @whitepony

I am using the Enertion Space cell …

Are you using the Space cell pro 4 or the pro 3? Those enclosures allow some level of flexibility?

Does it work on the Vanguard flex 1? Does the enclosure bend at all?

Would you mind share your build log?

I am using the Raptor Space cell on a flexible mount (still waiting for the parts). The board doesn’t flex that much and it should work in principle. Let’s see how this goes …

I don’t think the Spacecell 3 or 4 would work for that amount of flex. I will put all together when the parts arrive for the battery mount.

The Vanguard flexes A LOT, did you ask Jason if these space cell is designed for allow any flexiness?

No they don’t. Just do enclosure in 2 parts like Boosted and everyone else.

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It’s really simple - pick any stiff deck w/ no flex and spacecell and similar work great. If you want flex - you need two enclosures, or just one so the middle can flex.

trying to cobble together a stiff battery under a flexy deck = failure eventually. Either the mounts will flex and slowly wear out the bolt holes, or you will flex a battery pack not intended to flex (solder will break - bad things inside pack will happen), or both will happen. NOT A GOOD IDEA.

You can make your own battery in a different configuration to better fit, but use the right battery for the board would be my strong suggestion.

I’m having a hard time looking for builds with 10S4P split in two enclosures, just one guy did it in France but had to do a custom carbon fiber enclosure.

Anyone would like to share their build log?

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Maybe you should do singledrive with 6374 size motor and 10s3p if you are sure you wanna do another boosted copy?

I love the Vanguard design on the Boosted. I don’t like the Boosted range and low speed capability.

I’d like a dual motor setup, but it’s not the easiest build.

you can check out mine.
I have a 2 enclosed setup with a big battery. And it wouldn’t be much bigger for a 10S4P.
I will be uploading my enclosure templates today.

Could you share the french guys 10s4p thread?

@whitepony did 10S4P build with split enclosers, it’s on ES.

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Denton, I saw your build already, it was really nice but it’s a process I won’t be able to do, there is no artistic side on me to design and build an enclosure.

What I’m looking is to 3D print the enclosure, It’d hold a lot better than CF or fiberglass.

Well that looks freaking RAD!!! I wish I would have seen that long time ago. My brother has a 3D printer and everything.

I still feel like mine turned out okay in the end, but I would like to try out this 3D printed model.

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@denton what motor mounts did you use? how many miles can you run on the 10s3p battery array?

Are those caliber II fourty-four tracks?

I used the enertion ones and honestly there has to be better ones. I wouldn’t recommend them.

And I haven’t gotten to do a full test on the battery yet. I want to get a battery indicator installed before I push it too far.

Do you know if it’s possible to mount the motors with those Wnertion Motormounts in an outwards position?