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Loaded Dervish/Dual R-Spec 6355/Dual VESC/Nunchuck/Paris 195/90mm Flywheels


After a sunny weekend and a lot of riding my dual setup on a hilly route with lots of acelleration/braking some observations:

42A peak current draw, 1900W peak power
Approx 50 min run time, average 18km.

  • Insane acceleration, even uphill, great braking = safer when lots of
    pedestrians are around.
  • More weight in the back: easier to break out into a standup-slide when carving hard.
  • More drag when in idle, coasting or downhilling doens’t feel as natural.
  • More noise.

I liked the whine of a single motor setup, I’m not sure about the dual. The whine is just too loud, it tends to draw too much attention. (Is there anyone out there running dual R-specs in FOC mode without issues ?)
I’m not sure whether or not a dual is worth it compared to the single, I guess it depends on the type of riding I’m doing.


I got my dual r-specs running fine with FOC, did a 40 minute run yesterday without a hitch.
Though it’s the first real run I’ve made with an eboard ever, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.
I might switch it over to bldc mode just for comparison sometime.


here’s what i did with my loaded dervish, used two diy battery packs made from ncr18650bd (which i built for my fixed wing drones) - range is incredible with these 520wh batteries.


Dude that is some slick video editing you did there. Great job !
I also like your maker-space.
Are you inspired by Casey Neistat by any chance ?

Massive batteries by the way, no ploblems hitting the pavement with flex ?


@trbt555 I really like your build. Any updates on your build. Thoughts? Observations? Anything you would do differently?


surprisingly no, never touched the concrete even once. i made stiff wooden cases for the batteries though which takes away some of the flex. more about that in the upcoming part2 (soon hopefully).

the video style: definitely inspired by neistat. the workspace not so, had this long before i ever heard of casey :wink:


Awesome editing video. and good explanation too.You just missed out the binding process, but that is really small matter. I really like the kegel wheels. We want more, more! XD


Ok guys, I’m getting out of the game, and selling my complete setup above, including components, spare parts etc.
Europe only. Contact me if you’re interested.


could you post all components that you’re selling?


You should probably make a new thread in the parts section