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Let's hear some motor failure stories


For those of you who have killed motors let’s hear your story. I’m particularly interested to hear how many motors are dying from overheating vs dying because of failed bearings or rocks etc.


So there I was, rocking a holypro trampa street build in Hawaii. Open motor cans. All of a sudden, half power and lots of noise. A goddamn rock, coconut, who knows, snuck inside my 6374 can and had a dance off with my magnets and won. Eat your heart out Chris brown.


Last one that died on me I knew was gonna die for a while. It was maybe 5 months in and over the last week had starting whining quite a bit. I just kept riding it because it still seemed to ride fine. I had about a 4 mile ride to work and on the ride I started feeling suddenly almost like a sudden breaking as if the bearings were catching. It kept smoothing itself out but then maybe a minute later would suddenly get me again. I got up to the top of this hill just before my work and rode down it, crossed this street light and I have this nice smooth road ahead for like 1/3 mile just before work. An awesome song comes on and I’m like fuck yeah! I speed up to 35 and tear down the road towards my work, get to the end of the road and once I take a left here I should arrive at work. I go to break at the turn and my breaking goes from normal breaking to (I’M DYING AND YOU ARE DONE) grinds to a halt (keep in mind I’m on a single motor) but I arrived at work just on time!


3 different motors died because brine (from snowy streets) got on the sensor board.

I learned that if you take the motor apart when it’s brand new and put conformal coating on the sensor board, they won’t fail in this manner.




don’t trigger me. lol.


Do it

10 char


Ohhh I’ve got a good story, I was trying to drill a hole in my mount to put a screw through to hold the motor, silly me left the motor attached. You can guess what happened next… straight through the motor mount face and into the stator. I’m proud to say the windings are fuck but somehow it still runs


I slipped one time trying to drill out a stripped screw in an sk3 one and sent the drill bit into the windings.

It was fucking new and I was just changing the can for aesthetics.

I had to take a few days off after that frustration.


Lol, which screw was it?


It was one of the little phillips head screws on the side of the can.

I guess it sort of worked out though if the fiasaco didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have taken everything off my Bludgeon to test fit everything on the Lacroix deck.

So there was most definitely a silver lining.

Still almost gave me an aneurysm.


I’ll make sure to be care with those screws. Thanks for the heads up


I was an idiot.


I haven’t had any problems with my racerstar motors. Anyone have issues with the flipsky motors.


There was a whole thread about flipsky motor issues somewhere


Good advice for all weather

Where are your pictures of your destroyed motors?!?


A smoke chain of events:
SPD1 speed run gave 200 meters to make and brake before slamming a curb. Smoked a 4092 1250kv 4200w Inrunner while hard on the brakes. Motor windings went phase to phase / high volted the esc (smoke)/ hv backfed the 5v wire to the receiver (smoke) which backfed the paralleled esc (smoke). For this reason I run two receivers (@Bigboystoys suggested this). https://youtu.be/gKbogLAs_ac