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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Just ordered a pair of keys! And I dunno where I read it but they used the cap head bolts on another board/diy


I do know that some socket head cap 10mm m3’s will work great on the enclosure of the board as replacements for the stock phillips screws. You can get yourself some m3 cone washers too for a nice visual upgrade and a sturdier hold.

I thank @Sender for the inspiration there.


You can use them on TB style motor pulley where the pulley is extended.


It is raining, so I am adding glass frit to the Lacroix.

Should I add some black frit in the middle section or leave it all clear?!


im just here for the wheels.


also frit is beautiful!


Should I add some black? Or leave the clear by itself? I can’t make up my mind


I really like the LaCroix aesthetic. I’d say stick with clear - adding black over the wood may make it look dirty.


Awesome, a few other guys said the same thing. Thats what I will roll with!



More importantly would you move it from the edge of that table. I know it is a picture but I am holding my breath expecting it to fall from there and bang on those motors.


Lol. Looks closer than it is and the front has blocks.


That picture does look super precarious though


wood is beautiful. Don’t throw black frit on it.


All clear, all good ! :+1:
Love all your grip work

EDIT : HAaaaa she (it) is so raaaad !


Leave it clear


Can you sprinkle some black pepper on it to see how it looks?


Thought I would post this here and go fishing for help from anyone willing to offer it.

As it stands I have been unsuccessful setting up the Hoyt puck remote with a stock Lacroix board.

When setting the proper pulsewidth min/max values through the BLDC tool it leaves the deadzone on the remote at a value of 40%, meaning that when the proper pulsewidth values are set i am left with 10 percent brake being applied when not touching anything on the remote.

I have tried several things to circumvent this, including using the default values for pulsewidth min and max. Doing this does give me 100% throttle and the deadzone is at 50%, but it stops at 23% for min pulsewidth or brake value.

At this point im really at a loss for how to proceed. Using the Vesc_Tool requires updating the firmware on the Lacroix and I really don’t want to loose or change anything about the way the board rides/behaves/it’s values throttle curve or any of that jazz.

I just want to safely use this hoyt puck remote so freakin badly.

Someone…anyone…please give me some advice im at a loss here.


contact Lacroix and let them know your predicament and ask them for their settings? or just update the firmware and redo it yourself with sensible values…


I thought we dealt with this? HMU. Or @JohnnyMeduse



Nah, basically Hoyt told me to reach out to you, the issue is ongoing as the only other way for me to set up the remote without touching the firmware is to allow a throttle value over 100% to give the remote the sweetspot 50% deadzone or resting rate… whatever ya’ll call it when you aren’t touching the remote.

Im not savvy enough to upgrade the firmware and mess with motor settings and all that other good stuff because i have literally no idea what any of it means and the only thing im comfortable with at this point is pairing remotes and setting the values.

I guess the resolution is updating the Lacroix boards firmware, im just not sure what all that entails and im afraid it’s going to ruin the current feel of the way the board rides.


Let’s take this to PM. Sorry this is happening, thanks for the understanding. HMU in our thread.

I want to help as much as I can.