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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Not to get too far off topic, but are those bunk beds and toys in the background that I see? Do you have your Workshop in your kids room or do you have your kids sleep in your Workshop? Either way, you’re a mad man. :clap::joy: Carry on.


Agreed, and I am blossoming at an exponential rate. Thank you in advance.


Sorry if I missed it somewhere else, but I was wondering if anyone has paired the Hoyt St puck remote with a stock LaCroix.

I’m a total n00b when it comes to esk8, pushed wood for a good 16 years of my life though.

My concern is in something that I read from another forum user:
“Pair the remote to the receiver. Plug in your master VESC to the computer and reprogram the input’s Min/Max points with a BLDC tool that supports the firmware that La Croix is using.”

My assumption was I would replace the receiver and pair the remote. How much more involved is it than that and would anyone be willing to give me some instructions?

Looking at you @Sender be the miracle grow for my esk8 roots and help me blossom!


You’re correct. You would need to change the receiver and configure the focboxes again


So it isn’t hard, but you do have to do some stuff.

First you need to change the reciever that is hooked up to your master VESC and replace it with the one from hoyt.

After that, you need to pair the remote to the board and reciever. Which is real easy, you just hold three buttons on the hoyt renote down, then power on the board (different remotes hasve different binding processes, the hoyt binds super easily).

Boom, then you are paired.

But here is the slightly nore technical part. It isn’t that bad, so don’t worry! You need to have the VESC tool downloaded on your computer.

You hook up to the master VESC and then you go into the app settings and configure the “min” and “max” ppm settings for the remote. This isn’t a hard task, but it is important. You see, all remotes are a little different, even the same brand remote from one particular remote to another really should be reconfigured.

I won’t delve too deeply as there are many guides and instructions all over the forum and some on you tube. Just do a search here on the forum.

This sounds like a lot, but really is nothing. This is a good thing to learn and doing it will give you a much deeper understanding about how your board works.

And, the Hoyt Puck is dope!

For reference, it probably took me longer to type this than it would take to reconfigure a remote.


We live in a Loft. That is my little es8 section in between the boys room and their fort. Their room is really just a toy holding facility to be honest. All 3 are under 5 and they always end up climbing in bed with us.


Thank you sir,

That info and explanation was exactly what I needed to point me in the right direction and start learning. Much appreciated!


@Arch are you considering a EU shop sometime in the future?