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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]





@pat_arch what would need to be done to fit 26650 cells?
Presumably just the deck end compartments may be a problem.


You Dah’ Man… I just finished putting all four on with 3M double sided tape and just stood on it and it feels WAAAAYYYYYY BETTER!!! Damn I can’t wait to give her a spin!!! Talk about locked in…

I got a slight gap on one edge so I gotta grab the heat gun again and hope not
to melt this thing…
If ever you’re in NYC - Holla and drinks are on me!!!:+1:t6:


Sweet… Hope you like it…

Still not sure if I should have gone with something a little bit shorter…


Top marks for ingenuity. Zero for aesthetics. Is the colour-coding to inform you in which direction to point your toes?


It goes under the grip tape :unamused:


So that the colours can’t be seen from the side? Sorry, I just assumed that the choice of colours was intentional.


Brought it out for a test run yet?


Yes Sir indeedy… I was riding like a fool… the inserts definitely help keep your feet planted… and carving is easier than before… I had on some longish sneakers which felt weird but next time I’ll put on my other sneaks which should fit right in the pocket.

On the flipside I kept having to stop and re-calibrate my remote… Hey @Arch this remote is acting up and it’s not me… sometimes when I turn the remote on it doesn’t flash (blink) green - it’s as if it was still off… so i would have to turn it off then on again… I had to re-calibrate my remote like 7 or 8 times after having just done so… It got so bad that others would be blocks away (and I of course could catch up easily…) Methinks I remember seeing @JohnnyMeduse using a nano-x remote with his LaCroix so next ride I’m gonna try and use the one that came with my Raptor2… I’ve never had this calibration issue with my Raptor2 so it’s not me… I even put the remote near the end of the deck when syncing like you showed me @Arch.

I’m just glad that I have those concave inserts now which dampen the lurching effect of the brakes when I apply them. Once I feel that lurch I know the remote needs to be re-calibrated… I hope it’s just a faulty remote… I hate not having confidence while riding my LaCroix…:unamused:


Is the power button loose under the remote? Could be shutting on and off while you are riding. Let me know, I’ll ship you a new one.


It feels solid when switching on and off (x-axis) but there’s a lot of play in the (y-axis) and it will actually shut off(no green light) if you wiggle it in the y-axis. So that’s probably the issue…:thinking: @Arch


Hi @BOOSTEDO I didn’t have the issue you had with the remote, but after a few drops, the remote sound like a “ maracas ”. (my fault)

I open it and hot glued the components. I took care not covering the welding of the battery, in case I have to change it.
I also re build, with hot glue, the 3 screws steam.

It feels stronger now.


Coming from a fishing and boating background, my guess is that the colours are to match port (red) and starboard (green).


Nah both of you are wrong… with the added Black grip tape the colors are Red, Black and Green… These three colors make up the Bandera. The Bandera is the Flag of Africa - the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey came up with the Bandera… Each color symbolically represents something… The Red is for the Blood, The Black is for the People and the Green is for the Land… :+1:t6::v:t6:

Thanks again @ervinelin


I like your style. Nice one.


Alright, I take it back. That’s looking sweet. :grin:

Got any side-angle shots?

Mine should be arriving any time soon. I’m thinking of ripping off the black hex and either going with clear grip to show maximum maple & carbon and/or doing something with the light blue, dark blue and red of the LaCroix colours.


Yay! Finished another Lacroix build! This one is on Surf Rodz adjustable base plate TKPs instead of RKPs like the first one. Also did some glass frit. My buddy is hella psyched.


Mine arriving on Monday :grinning:


Nice! Did you use resin for the frit?


I used epoxy resin. The same stuff I use to wet out Carbon Fiber