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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Onewheel … Is It fun?


My video review of the Lacroix.


Thank you for putting this together. A nice, honest, upfront review, and as you have said, the best quality commercial board currently available.
It will be interesting to see how this develops and I am pretty sure that a ‘better’ remote and battery indicators will be one of the upgrades that are considered.


has anyone tried this board with 8" or 9" wheels?


@ervinelin and I, we have 8 inch wheels. You gain height but loose range


With 8" wheels I have occasionally gotten shoe bite…



Freewheeling is terrible for mine running 8" offroad wheels. Basically AT and freewheeling don’t go hand in hand…

I use my own electronics and remote so cannot comment about your other question.


That sure looks pretty. Kinda goes with the deck.


And it performs amazingly!


I like the look of that milled dial and the features look pretty comprehensive but the unit itself looks pretty weighty. What’s he weighing in at?


Good question. I will have an answer when I get home. But, anecdotally, it feels solid and appropriate.


did Hoyt give you that remote? I’d be interested in buying just the remote, does it sync just like the nano or does it have its own unique receiver?


I bought it,. They have their own reciever, you just put the remotebnbin pair mode.


didn’t realize they were just selling the remote. How do you like it vs the nano?


Blows it away completely.

Group buy starting for them sometime tomorrow hopefully. Look for a post!


@Arch The Hoyt remote with the Lacroix…

Get to it! :joy:


OK so where’s my heat gun and grip tape…(and hot glue)



Nice… Don’t make anything permanent until you are sure you like it…

I originally only added these on the toe side but I have since done so on the heel side as well and I think it’s even better now…


Can’t wait to get mine set up.