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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]





Omfg beautiful abomination. Looks like a toy, like hot wheels or something… But thrasher.




Noo! Ruined!


Wow that is freaking swEEt !!!




Just rode mine around for the first time it is way cool, definately feels different but fun! Just wondering tho how steep of hills you have all taken yours up? I seemed to have stopped on steep hill that my other board made it up just fine. I got the sanyo, is there anything i gotta adjust for more torque besides different gears?


Where you in Eco Mode? Or was the switch on the side of the controller up or down?


I tried both


Both times with a flat run up start, not sure if i have to adjust the motor controls as i just rode it out of the box, eco and reg (switch up and down) dont feel as different either


what is your tire pressure? and how much do you weight?


Also was the board fully Charge… Because right out of the box, your where probably hitting the soft cutoff. Since the battery if only about 10-20%


40 psi im about 210, yeah fully charged as well. Ill have to do some more research haha Because my other board doesnt have nearly as nice of parts that the lacroix uses and it makes it up fine. It is a very steep hill… but still


Try to put around 45Psi in it


On a very steep hill, from a standstill at 210, if you want it to haul you quickly, swap out the 20T pulleys for the 16T pulleys. It’ll solve your problem faster than it took me to write this :wink:


Right on i was just on my way to doing that… :sweat_smile:


Btw this thing is efffing fast!


I also don’t really notice a difference between ECO and regular also.


Strange that it feels like that to you. There is a very noticeable difference on both acceleration and breaking, you can’t ride the fast mode thinking you are on normal mode or you can be thrown off the board.