Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

LaCroix | 12s5p (21700 cells) | Unity + Trampa/Unik/MBS


The switchblade build doesn’t suffer from any wheelbite.


Great build :+1:
Curious on that BMS performance.
Keep up posted :slight_smile:


All the insulation is done, lashings of fishpaper and kapton tape, cells sitting on a comfy bed of 2mm high density neoprene foam.

Spacers 3D printed to keep the cell packs away from the switches/charging ports on the sides.

Just waiting on the shrink wrap and the mbs trucks (now nearly 9 weeks to come from Germany). Feeling frustrated, might start building another board to keep me occupied and make use of the new spot welder.


Hey the bms is for 15s right? How are you using it with 12s?


The bms is max 15s, but it comes with a conversion kit to whatever


Oh that’s rad. Thanks!


awesome build. are you planning to bypass the BMS on discharge ? it’s rated 59A if I’m correct


Yes it’s 59a rated for discharge and 20a for charge. Plan is to bypass for discharge, think the unity and a fuse should be safe enough.

Can keep an eye on the individual cells using the bms bluetooth module and app during discharge though.

Still haven’t setup your mounts as I’m waiting patiently for my mbs matrix pro trucks. Seems mbs can’t keep up with demand. Can’t source them locally until February, so I ordered from Germany some 8 weeks ago, still not here and these summer days are ticking by.


got a set if you need


Yes, I need! Thanks, let me know how much, including express shipping to Perth(Australia) and I’ll make payment. @okp


UNiK has no more left. I cannot maintain a stock “from a company perspective” because it cost a lot of money.

I can sell you two new I bought and that I’m not going to use.

Shoot me your address so I can check the postal stuff. Let’s see that in PM and then you decide.

Hope it helps!


Awesome looking build. When I saw the bms I was like damn I need that, then I saw it was $200 and realised it was actually just a want. Lol


Pm sent, and yes it helps loads, thanks @okp


Time to pick a charging socket,

Don’t think the 2.1mm is going to cut it!


9 weeks, where are you, bro?
I can ship you a set in 10 days even if you were on the south pole.

Please, @Adstars tell where you are, and for goodness sakes cancel that order… the world could end in 9 weeks


Thanks for the offer @hyperIon1, yeah it sucks, 9 weeks and the seller doesn’t answer my emails. These things happen, but all I know is that the shipment never made it to Australia. The delay has been driving me nuts!

@okp has kindly sorted me out with a set, shipped now.

The community on this forum is awesome. DIY vendors have all been really helpful for me and the other builders in my group. Loads of advice and tips.


I just had a flashback to when I had to wait forever to get stuff. I see someone did you right. The forum is the go-to place for help.
I ship everywhere and communication is a must.
Love the build excellent stuff


So the trucks I ordered some 9 weeks ago appeared, (will now have two sets),

So quickly put the fella’s boots on!

Try to ignore the cat having a sh*t in the background


Where can I lay this turd with the maximum possibility of human walking on it?

We have two of those little basturds as well


i was told our Neptune solution may fit into skateboard community, that’s why I came to learn more about skateboard and see if we can enhance our solution for skateboard !