Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

LaCroix | 12s5p (21700 cells) | Unity + Trampa/Unik/MBS


I had it printed/designed by a local guy here in Perth, he is no-longer doing any mods, but you can it seems print the spacer yourself from the .stl file sourced from here


Lacroix decks on their way. Thanks Alex @Arch, now just waiting on the Unity. I think perhaps this is where the build slows to a halt.


Lacroix decks arrived today! :grinning:


So money 10 chars


And so it begins…


MBS spacers/risers arrived from e-toxx, @Nowind Look spot on!


@Adstars Nice! Are those aluminum? I have the 3d printed wedges that look pretty good, but those look sweet.


Yep, these are also 3D printed,


Must be the lighting then, cause they look like brushed aluminum to me. E-Toxx sure has nice printed parts. The printed angle number is a nice touch.


Yep e-toxx has some quality components. They are not angled, just 5mm thick, to compensate for the 6.5inch trampa setup, in place of the 7inch lacroix standard.


Hot glue day


Unity arrived, the bms is with me tomorrow, really will be a tight squeeze to get everything in.


wow, looks just about perfect, so excited to see this ds60+ built.

… question is since you have 5 sets, would you sell one :smiley:


Sorry mate, only one the five decks/enclosures is mine, three of the other four builds are shown on @SkaterBoy58 post.


The Neptune 15 smart bms also arrived today. This thing is really tiny!


That little guy is awesome. I’ve been looking at them intently. Let us know it works out


Please make some notes about how the Neptune works, if the software is good, etc. I’m looking for a good 12s BLE bms that can pump the amps ^-^

@brenternet I don’t know if you’ve seen this thread, but if you’re interested in the Neptune it should be worth a read


Cheers for that. Some reading for tonight


The build has really slowed as I wait on materials and a few other items, so will get on with insulating the enclosure.

Today’s job, insulating the compartment sides with a little fishpaper.


Okay I have to know, how’s the wheelbite with the pneumatics on the switchblade?