La Croix Long Range Cruiser Carving Machine


Are many people using RKPs on a mountainboard build?

@SkaterBoy58 are you considering using a wedge? Not sure of the nose angle on the deck but MBS matrix trucks claim they want 30°


The La Croix deck is designed for MBS trucks


Oh right on, I never saw that mentioned. Thanks


@sender has rkps and a lacroix

Did i already say that? I’m tired. Leave me alone.


Shit right after I told him I didn’t like the design of the Lacroix hotdog deck… Time to eat some words I guess


Any reason you didnt get the mount with idlers?


they couldn’t fit on these V7.3 mounts with 72T wheel hub


A bit of an update on external BMS concept.

The concept is to build an external BMS box for charging the battery pack via a DieBie BMS and individual cell voltage indication with an added function of being able to individually discharge any of the 10 cell packs via bleed resistors.

This concept requires all 11 ( for 10S) battery pack balance wires to be connected to a socket on the board enclosure.

I have used this 12 pin IP68 socket on all my boards 12%20pin%20plug%20and%20socket%202

It is relatively cheap directly from China (12 pin plug/socket)

The main charging CCCV function will be via a Drok unit that I will take out of my existing charger box. You can dial up charging voltage and current and it has 10 preset charging V and I settings .

The idea is to build this new BMS Charging box that I can use on new La Croix board, my existing Landyatchz DIY and various other 10S battery packs/boards.

The cell voltage indicator is a Chargery BS12 lcd unit that has audible alarm for OV and UV .

The external bleed resistors are 8 ohm 25W metal enclosure which will give approx. 0.5A discharge

25W bleed resistors

The leds are ultrabright red and these draw approx 0.15A to aid the discharge and to show which cell is being discharged . These require 2.0V max so require 27 ohm resistor to drop voltage .led

superbright led link

and of course the BMS will be the DieBieMS unit

DieBie MS

So progress to date is to make all holes and cut-outs , mount switches , cell lcd display , input and output sockets , bleed resistors and leds- all wired up and functioning but no BMS fitted yet.

Still to do is to insulate external resistor connections and mount remaining bits .