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La Criatura/ single sk3 6374/ 6s


hello everyone my name is Diego and this will be my first E build. Just got in the mail today a turnigy sk3 6374 190kv motor from hobby king. I have a skateboard my wife bough me on vacation last year but i will be getting new truks for it. For now thats about it, i still have a ton of parts to order. I like the enertion set up for the pulleys, i like that the wheel pulley has its own baring and takes the weight off of the wheel, but i really haven’t fully decided if to go with enertion or torqueboards set up.

<img src="/uploads/db1493/original/2X/4/4678738ae6f230827f8ceecd915b2e10ec18305b.JPG"

width=“375” height=“500”>