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Kickboard goes Electric (Micro Monster)


hi Alken,

how did you managed the motor at the rear in term of axl lenght?
How did you managed to maintain it to the fork?
Is it a 4 or 5 inches hub motor? Does it have enough power in uphill?
Thanks for your response.


It is a 4inch hubmotor. A 5 inch might also fit. I have extended the existing holes to fit the axle of the hubmotor. I had to secure the motor with nuts from in between the suspension points since the axle was not long enough. But it is mounted very safe this way.
It could have a bit more power to go uphill. The steering stick (which is a new aluminium profile) could provide space for two more batteries to have a 10S pack.


Thank you Alken,

Have you got any video to show?
i am hesitating because of the low power. I am also considering a different solution with a hobbyking motor. But the installation is much more complicated…


Currently I am adding some features. As soon as I am finished I will post a video.
If you are more Interested in speed instead of stealth, a separate motor might be the better option.
Or maybe there might be better hub Motors… with a bit more voltage, riding would be a bit more interesting.


This was my take on the subject

10s3p i got for cheap from @GrecoMan, sealed 6374 190kv motor, focbox with case from @Kug3lis, Torqueboards motor mount, electric throttle and brake and lots of custom stuff. This is a frankenstein and it hauls ass!! (For my wifey😉)


What did you do for a throttle?


@mmaner, i used an ebike thumb throttle for the throttle and a second one for the brake. They use the adc pins in the uart plug and 3v3/gnd


good info, thanks


I’ve heard you can wire in the thumb throttle to where the receiver usually goes on a vesc.


Thats what Im trying to figure out. I got my wife a segway ninebot, its anemic as hell. I wanna replace the battery and ESC with 30q pack and VESC, maybe keep the existing hub motor, maybe not. I need to tear it down and take look at the guts :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I have finally found some time to enhance my build. I have made some changes. Most importantly I have changed the case for the focbox and the BMS to a 3d printed case (I needed a bit more space). The design is not perfect but very simple and created in a way so I can mount the case to the deck using screws. Additionally I have managed to add cables from the handle to the focbox to make an ADC control with a small joystick possible. Thereby a remote control is not required which has the advantage of a free hand and a bit more stealth.
A first measurement has shown a maximum speed of 21kmh. I hope to get it legally authorized in Germany with a few adaptations (lights and so on) when the new law for small electric vehicles is in place (maybe 2019). I have attached some pictures of the build and the case.