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Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys (not bolt through), who makes them?


Well, there is always Additive Manufacturing… that is, Titanium powder used to print complete structural pieces of this metal in a similar way we 3D print Nylon, ABS or other plastic materials.


They don’t require any mods or longer axles, that’s what great about them. They share a longer bearing with the wheel



There are 75 different bolt-on pulleys I could use but 0 good press-fit pullies

Dam right!


Hmm, isn’t that just the same? Or how long will the “longer” bearing be? I am using Ronin precision axle stubs which have an effective length (including the threaded bit) of 32.4 mm.


They will use an 8x22x11mm bearing compared to the 8x22x7mm standard


I’d like to grab a couple of these pulleys when they are in stock. Should I pick up the longer bearings somewhere, or will you provide those?


Yessss, I already have ten of those :smiley:


I will provide 1 bearing per 1 wheel hub (as you will be able to purchase the wheel hub and pulley separately).


This has been long overdue…


Beautiful. When can we throw monies at you?


Gimme 10char


As soon as i get them. Shouldn’t be more than a week and a half




Have you decided on prices? @JLabs
Wanna be sure I have money ready to throw at you. Might grab a pair of your 6354 motors while they’re on sale too.


Most likely $60-$65 for 1x pulley, hub, and bearing


Selling pully separately as well correct?


Im looking forward to buying these!


Sounds really good @JLabs

Im building a board and have caliber II trucks, 85mm cagaumas and want to mount dual 6355 motors. Would your new pulleys be suitable? What do you think the maximum belt width I could run is?

Put me down for two. Is there anywhere I can place a pre sales order?


+1 Jared. I’ve been visiting the site daily to see if you had listed them for presale


@JLabs will you have any appropriate bearings to include if running 10mm axels?