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KalyNYC Gear Drive Assembly and maintenance



Excellent, thanks Ernesto.


I have nothing to add aside from: Great work Ernesto!

Hands down the nicest geardrive I’ve gotten to ride, much less own. It’s opened up my hill climbing experience like nothing else. Throttle response is so tight!

To those reading: these things rock and look gorgeous to boot. Highly recommended to anyone looking for one of the most powerful and solidly built drive units on the market.


What length motor shafts can we use with this beast?


What about MBS trucks ?


I trimed my TB 6380 shafts down to 26mm.


@monkey32 26 mm

@Blacksheep unfortunately no plans for the MBS :sweat: since I’ve seen first hand some of the plastic truck plates break, I don’t think is safe on those.

@MBS what’s going on with the quality of the truck base ? I used you Matrix2 system when was first introduced and still is kicking and handling punishment like a champ. Maybe is a bad batch ?


Ah, but what if you cnc’d a a replacement piece for that plastic piece? I think @MBS is considering doing some in metal in the future (I might be mis-remembering this though).

Or I will just wait until they are all Kaly parts and no Trampa…:wink:


I could look into that.
But if @mbs is coming with an aluminum base then I can start working on it :slight_smile:


i wish these could be adapted for surfrodz tkp.


I definitely want to get a Mountain(ish) board going sometime before summer with a gear drive. But I also don’t like the plastic part on MBS and won’t use the tramp stuff.

I can’t wait until all your stuff is in house or there is a better, more robust MBS option for es8.

Only problem I will run into, is I like to DIY, and I will have to figure out a way to add my own flavor to some of your stuff without buying a complete. Because, well, just more fun that way.


I love the simplicity look of these I wish I could test them out.


I feel you man.
DIY always is closer to the heart :hugs:

Finishing the mold all others parts are being made. :slight_smile:

Slowly but surely
Soon :hugs:


Wow. Your work is just amazing @Kaly. That’s a beautiful piece of kit. New Matrix II Aluminums are in process. Availability will depend on where you live, but official release should be no later than January 2019.


Great to know brother
Sound like I need to get to work :slight_smile:


I printed nylon spacers for my TB motors to get them to fit, as they have a longer shaft.


Anyone using TorqueBoard motors or anything with a longer shaft, here are some spacers I printed up out of Nylon 910 alloy to adjust. Still plenty of room between the cans as these hangers are behemoths.

3D Printables for ESkate

Thanks man
This is a great addition.


How often do the gear drives need to be maintained? When do they need to be cleaned out/regrease/realigned?


The grease should be check every 3-4 months.
No need to realign.


Approaching 4000 miles on my first gear drive. The only time I’ve had to change anything was because it’s outlived 3 pairs of motors. Ridiculously solid.