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Jealousy and Loathing in Las Vegas


been there, I had a lady follow me at 10 feet last weekend. I just ignored her until I got to the bike paths and slowly merged, she kept following, which was pretty awesome when a copy saw her driving down the bike path :smile:


@Michaelinvegas you the man!!


It’s the same the world over…hurry up and wait…

esk8 lets us see and live outside their bubble…and in our own…TF :joy:

Great vid production @Michaelinvegas cast and crew…faces to names…:sunglasses::heart:


And that is why you should always have a small tool kit with you when ever you travel. Good work at remembering so you could continue to enjoy the weekend


I just put on gear for a night shred and smelled the bag. I just realized. I didn’t shower once in Vegas. #conservewater #showerwithaskater


Hahah ur fucked up hahah


It’s funny because we are going to get arm pit cancer and they aren’t.

Esk8Squad Renegade Weekend - What's Next?

Cancer or not. You nasty!