Buy FOCBOX Unity

Jason our friend


I dunno, ive grown accustomed to the board on my profile pic having a unity


That a scary looking jason. You win again


Actually today is @okp birthday !!
Happy birthday to you my dude


haha thanks mate !


@okp happy BD!


your cat


I’m sorry, I just had to lol

I actually hope that is you


Happy birthday @okp !!!


Happy birthday @okp ! You’re a legend.


Happy Birthday


Happy birthday,

and because it’s your birthday Jason will give out 100 free focboxes right @oonloop?


ahh well, I just need 42 !

I’ll keep one for the Haya and give out the remaining 41 free of charge to our fellow builders !


You never fail to completely baffle me. Wonderful. Keep up the good work.


That’s the magic number. Happy birthday dude!


thanks mate ! can’t wait to finish this racing board.


I’m inactive for three month, then see this in my email? This forum declined quickly without me. /s


Looks like you’ve inspired people from all over the world bro! I reallly enjoyed hearing your story and how you arrived in the electric skateboarding buisness. I love all the work youve done and your open with that knowledge.(out of my price range unfortunately😑) I will be purchasing my components piece by piece every paycheck…