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Is this Flat Spot on Turnigy SK3 large enough?


Hey guys, I just filed a flat spot on my Turnigy SK3 motor shaft, and I’m not sure if it is large enough. I have a picture of it, but the area where the grub screw will sit after using the Enertion Motor mount (a few mm from the front of the motor shaft) is a little more filed down than the front, which is shown in the picture. Do you think this will hold with some loctite, or would it be safer to file it down more?


Enertion Mechanical Kit - Correct Motor Truck

That will work


That will work


Is there an echo in here ? Lol


@Michaelinvegas @barajabali Thanks so much! Now, time to assemble… :slight_smile:


It’s not an ideal flat spot…could go a little more…but try it…if it seems to get loose … Go a little deeper and use thread locker


I tightened the grub screw until it started to get tight, and I could rotate the pulley a little one way and it would stop, and then a little the opposite way. This is just hitting the 2 edges of the flat spot, right? Will that be a problem?


You don’t want that rocking on the shaft (that’s sounds dirty)…

Better to drill a little hole for the screw to sit in so no rocking occurs


Ok I’ll try that! What size drill bit would you recommend?


Eyeball it


I have an SK3 on my board, didn’t file anything and its holding strong with the 4 screws from the DIY’s pulley


Another quick question. When I’m installing the enertion pulley onto the enertion motor mount, how do I ensure that the pulley doesn’t touch the mount? I see that there is a circlip (I think) flush with the motor. Do I need to bring that out to separate the mount and pulley?


@chinzw My enertion pulley only has 1 screw :grimacing::grimacing:[quote=“chinzw, post:11, topic:8779, full:true”]
I have an SK3 on my board, didn’t file anything and its holding strong with the 4 screws from the DIY’s pulley


Well by you fastening the pully to the shaft…it shouldn’t move towards the mount … Just make sure you torque down on that mount and use thread locker so it doesn’t move at all… A loose mount can cause the belt to move … Rubbing against the wheel or making it come off… And that stress could move the pulley on the shaft


Should I fasten the pulley like 1or 2mm from the mount?


Gotta line it up and eyeball it…again :eyes:


Hahahahaha yes I just did. Used red loctite so hopefully it’s ok😩


I always let my set up sit for 24hrs after I put lock tight and make sure it’s all lined up


I have another question regarding the enertion trucks. When I put the pulley in the wheel and put the wheel on the trucks, there is only a few mm of exposed axel. Only enough to just get the bolt on and penetrate the bolt about 1/2 of the way through. These are enertion trucks, so I thought I wasn’t going to have this problem! I’m using 83mm Blank pro wheels as well.


Just hack saw a bearings width off the aluminum hanger… It’s easy